What is Wi-Fi 7 and new features best gadgets speed will be available

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Telecom and broadband companies are at loggerheads over the allocation of 6Ghz spectrum band. Amidst all this, semiconductor and software company Qualcomm has said an important thing. The company says that instead of adopting WiFi 6E technology, the country should switch to the latest WiFi 7 technology as it can also run on other spectrum … Read more

10 Best Software for Record Video Conference Interviews from Two Different Locations | Record Podcast Interviews | Best Live Interview Streaming Software

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Media entertainment is booming because of Facebook, YouTube and social media platforms. This media includes movies, articles and podcasts. We can share different text, opinion and meaning for all people or specific aspect group through podcast. In today’s time, all small and big industries have to promote their products online. Companies take interviews with celebrities … Read more

35 Short Tricks to increase work Productivity on computer using short trick

Helpful keyboard shortcuts in the Windows 10 | How to increase work Productivity using short trick | How to increase typing speed in computer using short trick | 30 Easy Ways to Boost Your Productivity | How to increase productivity in the workplace | ways to increase productivity in a business | How to increase … Read more

Top 10 tips for safe online shopping and online shopping tips to save money

Best HR and Payroll Software

Online shopping safety tips | online shopping safety tips | tips for online shopping | online shopping tips to save money | tips to get the best online shopping deals | best software tools, extensions and website check reviews | Check price history of a product To save time, most people do online shopping. Online … Read more

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