How to Unblock Blocked Number in 1 Second on Android and iPhone

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There are some people who knowingly or unknowingly block our mobile numbers, in view of this problem, the question often arises that if someone has blocked the number, then how to unblock it? We will learn about this in this article.

Many times we ourselves block many people from calling knowingly or unknowingly about which we are not even aware, then how do we unblock our blocked number? We keep searching for such questions here and there, we will talk about this and also tell you its solution and if someone has blocked you by mistake or intentionally, then we will also tell you how to unblock him.

If someone has blocked the number, how to unblock it ?

Using website :

1) Go to the phone’s browser: First of all you have to go to your phone’s browser. And after going to the browser, you have to type reserve lookup in the search field.

2) After typing this you have to search it. And as soon as you search, you will see website on the first number. You have to click on that link.

3) Click on the Phone option: After this you will get to see the interface of this website. Here you have to scroll down. And after scrolling down you will get the option of phone. You have to click there. And as soon as you click on it, the dialer pad will open in front of you.

Select the country code and enter the number: After this you have to select the country code. After selecting the country code, you have to enter the number. The number by which your number has been blocked.
After that you have to place a call in it. After this there will be a pop up show in front of you. So you have to allow it.

4) The call will be placed: After this your call will be placed. And you will have an advantage here. When you call a particular person. So your original number will not be shown. Rather, a fake number will be shown on his screen.

Apart from this, if you called him for the first time. And then he blocked you. You can still call him. And at that time also some other number will be shown on its screen.

5) You can call only three times: Friends, here you can call for free only three times. So you have to call whoever you want and get it unblocked. So you can get yourself unblocked by calling me three times.

But if you call three times. And still you were not unblocked. So after that you can subscribe for its unlimited calls.

In this way you can call the blocked number. And if someone has blocked the number then you can unblock it like this.

How to unblock a blocked number online with Globefone ?

With the help of which you can get yourself unblocked. For this you have to follow the steps given by us. After that you will be able to easily get yourself unblocked. Go to the browser: First of all you have to go to the browser of your phone. You can go in any browser. And there you have to type And you have to search it, after searching you will find globefone website on the very first number. So you have to click here.

How to unblock a blocked number from Indycall App ?

you can also unblock yourself from the person who has blocked you with the help of Indycall App. You can unblock him by calling him. For this you can follow the steps given by us. Go to Google Play Store: First of all you have to go to your Google Play Store. And from there you have to download and install the app named Indycall.

update phone
update phone

Why do we have to block the number?

When a call comes repeatedly from a foreign number, we feel afraid to answer it, hence it is better to block it.
When someone harasses you by calling repeatedly from an unknown person, then his number has to be blocked.
Whenever any of our friends betrays us, we have to block his number even if we do not want to, so that he cannot call us.
When we do not want to repay someone’s loan by taking money, we block his number.
Many times, knowingly or unknowingly, someone’s number gets blocked. We don’t even know that the number of a particular person has been blocked.

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