Best Network Monitoring Software

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Network monitoring software : Logically not physically, you are monitoring your network with some software. My network should not be down, it should be available all the time. If my network was down, I would have a record, in the form of logs.

Importance of network monitor software tools

1) Many websites are hosted on one server, so if the server goes down, you can monitor it with network monitor tools.
2) Call center is a server, you can monitor its network
3) Backup server is dedicated server, you can monitor its network
4) If you are providing online service, you can monitor its network
5) Many devices are connected together to form a network. Computer Server, Smartphone, Tablet, Hub, Switch, Router, Bridge, Modem Repeater Network monitor software is used to monitor all devices. If any of our applications If there is a down time, if we do not know on time, then our business in loss.
6) If our high traffic website is down and we do not get to know on time then our business in loss. To solve this problem, we use network monitor software.
7) Network monitor software provides us a dashboard in which the performance report of all the devices is shown. As soon as the response of server and network device is slow, then automatic email is sent to the user, notification goes in your mobile application.
8) With network monitor software, you can analyze when your network was down and when your network started. With network monitor tools, you can find out CPU load, RAM load, server load, port load. You can know server traffic load day wise, you can know server traffic load day wise, week wise.

Free Network Monitor :-

  1. Microsoft Network Monitor
  2. Nagios
  3. OpenNMS
  4. Spiceworks Network Monitor
  5. Spiceworks Connectivity Dashboard
  6. PRTG Network Monitor Freeware
  7. The Dude
  8. Zabbix
  9. Zenoss Core
  10. Icinga 2
  11. Pandora FMS
  12. WireShark
  13. Observium
  14. PRTG Network Monitor

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