Benefit of SMS Marketing and Best SMS API Gateway Service Provider

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API or Application Programming Interface presents the functions and rules that allow interaction and communication between different applications. These interfaces facilitate application integration, enabling developers to build powerful digital products.

This is such a programming languages ​​code scripts that helps different Website, mobile application, software programs to communicate with each other. API is an intermediary system, that is, if we run an application on our phone or computer, then when the application connects to the Internet or comes into its connection, it sends data to a server. Server receives that data, acts on it, does whatever work you want and then sends that data back to your phone or your computer. All this work is done through an API. That is, without API the work of any application is difficult. We can also call it Application Programming Interface.

Why use SMS Gateway API ?

Let us understand it through a simple example. Suppose you have a cloth fashion business. You want to start your business online. Customer can order product online from your website. You can implement SMS Gateway API in your website. Through SMS Gateway API, your customer will get all the updates through sms on mobile.

1) Whenever the user registers online, you will have a customer database.
2) You can send SMS offers to your customers using Phone number database List.
3) You can send coupon code SMS to the best customer according to event and festival.
4) You can send new product list to your target customers.
5) You can do SMS marketing of your business.
6) At least 85% of people respond to SMS marketing messages, allowing brands to initiate real-time conversations with consumers
7) Over 40% of consumers make a purchase after marketing text.
8) A study has shown that coupons sent via SMS are read 40 times and the coupons are used to make purchases.

Which sector uses more SMS Gateway API in marketing purpose ?

Real Estate, Retailers marketing, Ecommerce website, Education sector, is the top industry using SMS marketing.

Around 30% of real estate companies are using SMS marketing to reach their audience. Other top business and industries using text SMS are agriculture (15.9%), entertainment (17.4%), construction (17%), energy (14%), and airlines (17.3%), Ecommerce website (40%), Medical Facilities (50%), Travel Companies (60%).
66% of finance/banking companies have increased their SMS marketing spend in the last 4 years

Top SMS Gateway API Providers

  1. Twilio
  2. Plivo
  3. Message Bird
  4. Sinch
  5. Vonage
  6. Bandwidth
  7. Telesign
  8. Clickatell
  9. MSG91
  10. BSG
  11. Messente
  12. SMS Global
  13. Text Local
  14. D7SMS
  15. Telnyx
List of our Top Picks for the Best SMS Messaging APIs

PhoneNumberValidateFree API
Telesign SMS Verify API
Twilio Lookup API
SMS Gateway API
Inteltech SMS API
Telnyx API

How to implement sms gateway api in website, Mobile application and software using SMS API SDKs

Java (Android)
C# (.NET)

Why use SMS for marketing ?

A remarkable 65% of consumers are more likely to make a direct purchase when they receive an Mobile SMS message containing an ad, discount coupon, or QR code

How to use SMS marketing in retail ?

A report revealed that around 96% of retail marketers who took advantage of SMS marketing said that it helped them to get more sales online and offline .

How to use SMS in sales ?

SMS marketing company, reported that its clients within the retail and eCommerce industries increase sales and revenue

Companies are using SMS marketing used to reach their target audience.

Company NameIncrease Sales
Real estate 40%
restaurant and online hotel booking, Airlines40%
Manufacturing industry, Agriculture42.3%
Finance/Banking companies60%
Education sector 60%

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