10 Best Alternative of google AdSense to Make More Money

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The name of Google AdSense must have been heard by every person doing or wanting to do Online Earning. With its help, today millions of publishers are earning money and fulfilling their dreams by creating helpful content sitting at home. Whether you make videos on YouTube or have a content website.

10 Best AdSense Alternatives of 2023 (to Make More Money

Media.net : One of the biggest contextual advertising networks, Media.net, serves adverts that are relevant to the content of your website. It pays using a revenue-share approach and has a pool of excellent advertising.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads : With the help of this application, you can show relevant product advertisements from Amazon on your website. When someone clicks on an ad and makes a purchase, you receive a fee based on the structure of the sale.

Adversity : This network lets you monetise your website traffic and offers banner, pop-under, and other ad types. It gives reasonable rates and has a $20 minimum payment.

MediaVine : High-traffic websites can take advantage of MediaVine’s premium ad placements, which are designed to increase revenue. It offers adjustable ad settings, a 70% income share, and a monthly session minimum of 30,000.

Sovrn (formerly VigLink) : This platform, Sovrn (formerly VigLink), enables you to generate income by converting your outbound product links into affiliate links. Your work is automatically made money off of and paid for using affiliate links.

Alternative of google AdSense to Make More Money

Ezoic : Ezoic monetize the website for more than 10 thousand traffic.

MediaVine : MediaVine monetize the website for more than 50 thousand US traffic.

Adthrive : Adthrive monetize the website for more than 1 Lac traffic.

Affiliate Programs : Yes friends, you can also earn by doing affiliate marketing with google adsense. Amazon associates program is the world largest and most successful online affiliate program, you can also earn money by promoting amazon product with adsense and without google adsense .

Propeller Ads : This is also a good alternative to Google AdSense. By the way, new bloggers who are not getting the approval of google adsense, they can try it. In this also you can get approval in 0 traffic.

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