Why your phone hangs and how to fix it Best solution

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Nowadays life is incomplete without smartphone. We depend on mobile for most of the things. We take the help of smartphones for shopping, bill payment, ticket booking and studies. Often the mobile phone hangs while working. If you are also troubled by the problem of smartphone hanging, then we have brought some easy tips for you. With the help of which you can solve the problem of phone hanging at home itself.

Why your phone hangs and how to fix it Best solution

Know why the phone hangs ?

A smartphone may hang due to many reasons. Less RAM in the phone and using more than one app. At the same time, cache files and phone may not have been updated. Any one of these reasons can cause the mobile to hang.

Cache files

Cache files are useful for the proper functioning of installed apps. If there are too many files, the performance of the phone becomes slow. Therefore, it is important to delete cache files from time to time. You can easily delete cache files by going to mobile storage option. At the same time, you can also remove it by going to App Info.

Software update

If you have deleted the cache files of the phone. Not using many apps. If the smartphone is still hanging, then update the software. If the software is not updated, the phone starts hanging. Also, the apps you are using should also be updated from time to time. Actually, resource files disappear if the phone or app is not updated. Due to which the phone starts hanging.

Restart the phone

The phone should be restarted from time to time. This deletes the temporary files present in the mobile. At the same time, the memory management gets reset. The speed of the smartphone improves and performance increases.

Using multiple apps simultaneously

Avoid using multiple apps simultaneously on mobile. Especially if RAM storage is low. Doing this puts pressure on the phone’s RAM. At the same time, the performance of the phone is affected.

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