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Will give you some great tips to make a Online good presentation using AI Tools. These are all techniques used by the best public speakers, and yes – even they took a lot of practice to get it.

First Rehearse what you plan to say

Before you can give a good presentation, you need to prepare.

There are two steps in this part – rehearsing what you are going to say and preparing yourself mentally and emotionally. These two tips go hand in hand, but we’ll explain what each one is about individually.

How to Give a Good Presentation with Mnemonic Devices

Build some mnemonic devices into your presentation to help you remember what happens next. For some people, it comes as second nature and is easy. For others, it can be complex and make you think things through.

Experiment with different techniques until you feel most comfortable and confident.

How to Give a Good Presentation Through Effective Body Language

The first thing people will notice is your body language. The way you carry yourself tells a lot about how confident you are at that particular moment. If you’ve prepared emotionally and mentally before your turn, you’re as prepared as ever.

Make an impressive statement

Starting a presentation with a joke, for example, can make the audience feel relatable or more familiar with you. Letting them laugh a little will clear the air in the room and make it easier to carry on.

Other opening techniques include:

Be provocative
Arouse curiosity
Surprise the audience
Ask questions
Tell a story

Use Storytelling Structure

Moving on to tips on making your slides. It’s important to remember the role your slides play in your presentation. The audience’s attention should be on you, not your slides. They are meant to be a supplement, not a foundation, and not a text to follow.

Some of the most common storytelling structures are:

Fact and Story – Go back and forth between facts and stories, or “what is” and “what could be.”
Explanation – Inform about the process or plan of fixing something or learning something new.
Pitch – Get your audience over an obstacle and onto a positive resolution.
Drama – aka “The Hero’s Journey”, it follows the plight of a main character from start to finish.

Make a Online good presentation using AI Tools.

All Latest AI tools list

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