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Each nation has its own distinct identity, which is unanimously accepted by everyone. The nation is identified with the symbol of the nation and its citizens. The national emblem of the country has its own history, personality and uniqueness. The national symbol of India is a reflection of the country, which has been chosen very thoughtfully. The design of the national flag of our country was elected on 22 July 1947 before independence. Following are the national symbols of our country India:

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List of National Emblem of India History Significance national symbols india

National Emblem of India - Ashoka Pillar

Highest National Award of India - Bharat Ratna

National script or official script of India - Devanagari

National Animal of India - Tiger

National Bird of India - Peacock

National flower of India - Lotus

National game of India - Hockey

National tree of India - Banyan or Ficus Bengalensis

Insignia of India's national currency - Su

National River of India - Ganges

National Heritage Animals of India - Elephants

National Aquatic Fauna of India - Dolphin

National song of India - Vande Mataram

National Anthem of India - Jana Gana Mana

National Dessert of India - Jalebi

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