Business Ideas for Poultry Farm Kadaknath and Double FG Farm start marketing and loan Benefits buy chicken chicks

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Business Ideas for Poultry Farm Kadaknath and Double FG Farm start marketing and loan Benefits buy chicken chicks

It is winter season and at this time there is a lot of demand for eggs and meat of Kadaknath breed of chicken in the market. The meat of chicken of Kadaknath breed is considered to be very good, its properties are many times more than that of common chicken. Its eggs and meat are sold in the market at a very good price and the demand is also high.

Business Ideas for Poultry Farm Kadaknath and Double FG Farm Benefits buy chicken chicks

Form of Kadaknath and Double FG

Rajendra says that rearing of Kadaknath and Double FG poultry gives more profit. The market rate of Kadaknath is very high. Good income can be made from this. However, Rajendra says that Kadaknath s cell is a little less in his area. But, the demand for Double FG is very high.

Farm is running in 2.5 bigha land

Rajendra s farm is in 2.5 bighas of land. In this, he is currently farming around 4,000 Kadaknaths and 500 Double FGs. They say that from October-November to March, the sale of both is bumper. After that there is more of eggs.

What is the specialty of Kadaknath

Kadaknath cock has made a different identity in the whole world. Kadaknath chicken of Madhya Pradesh has got GI tag. The biggest feature to identify Kadaknath chicken is that it is completely black. Its flesh and blood are both black.

Kadaknath chicken meat is also considered very beneficial for health. It is rich in iron and protein. Whereas cholesterol is very low. This meat is beneficial for heart and diabetes patients.


The market rate of Kadaknath chicken chicken is between Rs 70-100. Talking about its eggs, one egg gets up to 30 rupees. Whereas Kadaknath chicken sells for 1000 rupees per kg. Its demand increases in winter. Due to which the poultry farm person gets a good price.

To do marketing properly, you have to make a marketing plan of your business and you will have to do market research to make this plan. With the help of marketing research, you will get the best marketing methods to increase your business and you will get to know who is your target audience, which places are in high demand for your Kadaknath Chicken and how you can sell your Kadaknath Chicken. Can promote.

You choose expensive promotion options like TV and print media to promote your poultry farm. If you want, you can go face to face and meet the executives of non-vegetarian restaurants or those who do the work of buying meat and eggs. By meeting these people, you can give them information about your poultry farm and do business with them.

Promotion is also done in many ways, such as many merchants promote their products through TV ads, while some merchants promote through print ads. That s why you also have to decide whether you want to promote through TV or want to promote through print ad. However, promoting through both these mediums costs a lot.


How to start a poultry farm

Rajendra explains that if you make a shed in the garden, then feed has to be given only once. The food of Kadaknath chicken does not cost much. It eats berseem, millet chari in green fodder. If you make a shed in a garden and keep chickens of Kadaknath or other breeds, then it reduces the cost of feed. Many institutes are also providing training for the farming of Kadaknath.

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