How To Start Fish Farming Business Idea Loan Production Promote Government Fisheries Schemes Fisheries Training Center

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How To Start Fish Farming Business Idea Loan Production Promote Government Fisheries Schemes Fisheries Training Center

Harvendra Singh, a resident of Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, comes from a farmer family. It s 2006-07. He started fishing. Gradually the number of ponds kept on increasing and today profits of crores are being made. 
Harvendra first started fish farming by making a pond in 4 acres. Right now he is doing fish farming in 16 acres. They say that they get the fish seed from Kolkata and feed from Andhra Pradesh.
Feed and water have to be taken care of
Harvendra explains that in fish farming, the quality of seed, feed and water has to be taken care of the most. The pH of water should be 7.5-8.5. If its Ph decreases, then jaggery can be added to the water. This increases the value of Ph. If the value of Ph has increased, then it is reduced by using lime.
While giving feed to the fish, special care has to be taken that the feed does not collect in one place. If this happens, then the big fish will eat more feed and the smaller fish will not be able to get the feed.
If you also want to fish, keep these things in mind
The pond should be cleaned before putting the fish seed.
All aquatic plants, food and small fish should be removed from the pond.
Thoroughly dry the pond to eliminate food and waste fish. Pesticides can also be used.
Punjab Government Fisheries Schemes fish farming loan scheme

Fish farming loan scheme Scheme For Fisheries

PM Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY) has been implemented. Under this scheme, along with bank loan, free training will also be given to the fish farmers.

Axis Bank provides Kisan Matsya Loan to meet the financial needs of the farmers, for those who are into fresh/ saltwater fish or shrimp farming business. Kisan Matsya Loans are available with flexible loan tenure of 1 to 5 years and amount up to Rs 150 lakh 
How much does fish seed cost per kg?
Fish seed is supplied to fish farmers in the form of fry and finger links. It is sold at the rate of 200 to 250 rupees per kg. Fresh fish is also sold from the pond itself.
How to do fish farming in small space?
The fish farmer can also do fish farming in a small nursery around his house. Puddle or pit (depth 1.5 m) can be constructed. In this, the fisheries department will give free seeds to the farmer for rearing fish in Balram pond and kitchen pound. Animal dung, dung gas slurry etc. organic products will be used in the ponds.
How much space is needed for fish farming?
What should be the depth of the pond? The depth of the pond in mixed fisheries should be at least 6 feet. In which the water level is kept up to 5-1/2 .
How much loan is available for fish farming?
To promote the production of fish, not only grants, loans will also be available from banks. For pond improvement, a loan of Rs 75 thousand per hectare and a loan of Rs 50 thousand on input will be given. Bank loan up to Rs 3 lakh will be available for construction of new ponds on private land. 
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