Business Ideas Making Animal Feed From Food Waste Business Model Marketing Solutions

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Business Ideas Making Animal Feed From Food Waste Business Model Marketing Solutions

Nikhil Bohra, who hails from Rajasthan, has taken an initiative along with his father. They are preparing animal feed i.e. animal feed from food and agricultural waste. Every day they cycle up to 30 tonnes of food waste. Then market it across the country. Due to this they are earning a good amount. Recently he has generated a fund of Rs 5 crore.

Nikhil is a Biotech Engineer. He has worked on projects related to health and agriculture in different companies. He has also led many research and projects regarding milk production. While his father Krishnakant has worked in the food industry for a long time.

Food waste to animal feed process

After this, in 2013, Nikhil started researching on different waste products. For example, which waste contains which elements and nutrients? What is their value? What are the components in animal feed, what should be their ratio?

After a lot of research, Nikhil decided that he would launch his own brand of animal feed. Then in the year 2015, he started a startup named Krimanshi along with his father. The initial budget for this was kept very less. Both started the startup with the money of their savings.

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India 

Head Office:-


3-kha-4, 1st Pulia, Chopasani Housing Board, Jodhpur - 342001

Animal feed from food waste Business marketing Tips

Nikhil says that after working for a year or two, we got a good understanding of the market. It was understood how the business is set up and how to set up a network for marketing

They tell that we do marketing at all three levels: Brand to Business, Business to Business and Direct to Customer. Our products are available on both offline and online platforms. We have our retailers in many districts of Rajasthan, UP and Gujarat. Where our products are easily available to the farmers. Presently there are more than 300 distributors connected. Day by day their number is increasing. Franchisees associated with us are also working in many cities.

Apart from this, Nikhil also supplies his products directly to the farmers. Their products are available on Krimanshi's website as well as social media platforms. Where a good number of orders come every day.

We kept doing research on different food waste. The result was that soon our own manufacturing unit was also ready in Jodhpur. After that we started making our own product.

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