How To Start Eco Tourism Business Model Marketing Promote Business Ideas

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How To Start Eco Tourism Business Model Marketing Promote Business Ideas

Eco tourism model i.e. tourism center developed completely naturally. Due to which there is no harm to the environment, but it gets more support. Nowadays such models are being developed in many places in the country. Many people are also running startups as agro tourism model. That is, a place from where villages and forests can be visited. Enjoy the culture and food of the village.

Gujarat Surat Padamdungri Eco-Tourism Center is at a distance of 8 km from Unai village in Navsari district. If you come by road then National Highway-8 is the best route. Waghai is the nearest town here, which is at a distance of 4 kilometers from Padamdungri. Buses are easily available from Surat to Waghai. You can reach here in about 5-6 hours.

Eco tourism activities list

There is also a provision for food and drink for the tourists inside the campus. The women working here make a variety of items from the products grown in the forest. These products are completely natural.

Apart from this, there is also the facility of Tribal Music Show, Biodiversity Park, Arogya Van, Cactus House, Orchid House.

There is a special facility for the tourist to visit the jungle, visit the villages, meet people, see farming closely, learn, understand the local culture, see the beauty of rivers and mountains. There is also facility of cycling and adventure park.

Environmental Traveler eco tourism marketing business plan. Benefits of an Ecotourism Marketing Plan

You can promote your business through Google My Business, this service of Google is completely free. Taking advantage of which you can promote your offline business online.

Benefits of Google My Business

Listing your business on this platform is absolutely free. In such a situation, you can easily list the business on this platform by the name of your shop or brand.

Whenever a customer searches an inquiry related to your business, they will see the location of your shop.

By creating a profile through Google my business, you can also connect with customers through Google Search and Google Map. This makes it very easy for the customer to reach you.

How to promote business with website

If you have created your own website for online business, then there are different ways to promote it digitally. Which you can take advantage of. Some of these methods are free and some are pads.

Promote business with Google Ads

Ads i.e. where there is talk of advertising, then that process is free, it cannot happen. This process of promoting business is pad. If you have created a new business website. You want to spread the information of this website to as many people as possible in a short time. If you also have a good budget, then Google Ads is a good option for you.

Promote business with Email Marketing

Email marketing can also be a good option to promote your online business online business. If for some reason your Facebook and Instagram pages are suspended, then you can target your old customers through email.

Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing

Social media is considered to be the biggest platform to promote any product online, because social media is used by most users of the internet. This is the reason why big companies keep a good hold on social media to promote their business.

Use Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has also added Marketplace features for product marketing. Using which you can also promote your business. Here you have to list your product.

Promote business with Join Facebook Whatsapp Telegram Group

On Facebook, you will find different groups according to the category of the product. By joining which you can sell your product. There are also many merchants' groups on Facebook.


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