What Is The Necessary All Body Lab Test Name List Routine Checkup For Women

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What Is The Necessary All Body Lab Test Name List Routine Checkup For Women

Due to changing lifestyle and bad eating habits, many diseases have gripped our body. To diagnose these diseases, it is important to have regular medical checkups according to age, so that the right treatment can be done in time.

Lipid Profile Test - It is necessary to get this test done because this test report reveals many problems of the body. Through this test, the cholesterol, triglycerides, VLDL and HDL present in the blood are detected.

Hemoglobin Test - Anemia is a big problem in women. According to reports, one in two women in India suffers from anemia. Therefore, regular hemoglobin test should be done only after the age of 20, so that if there is anemia, then diet and lifestyle changes can be made.

Vitamin Test - If there is a deficiency of vitamins in the body, then the immunity starts weakening and the disease surrounds as soon as the weather changes. After the age of 40, women must get this test done. If you are already sick before this age, then you can get this test done even earlier.

Thyroid Test - The graph of thyroid problems in women is increasing continuously. Doctors recommend doing this test after the age of 40. It can be done earlier if needed.

Bone Density Test - With increasing age, the bones begin to weaken. Calcium starts decreasing from the body. Women at the age of 50 and after must have a bone density test

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15-18 years

for boys

Tests: X-ray, Lipid profile test, Blood sugar, Thyroid test.

Why it is important: If boys are overweight for 15-18 years, then it is necessary for them to get this test done, otherwise there may be a problem of cholesterol and blood pressure.

for girls

Tests: Hormonal and thyroid tests.

Why it is important: If the periods of girls up to 15-18 years are irregular, then it is necessary for them to get this test done.

Important thing: Adolescents up to 15-18 years, whether boy or girl, their weight should be ideal according to age and height. Being overweight at such a young age can make the body prone to many diseases.

20-30 years

If the youth of this age are completely healthy, then they do not need to undergo any special tests, but if they are sick, it is necessary to get all the medical tests done according to the advice of the doctor.

Some other tests for women

For periods: If women s periods are irregular even at the age of 20 to 30 years, then get PCOD test done.

At the time of pregnancy: Blood sugar, thyroid, urine test, thalassemia, hemoglobin and HIV test have to be done in the first three months of pregnancy


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