Art Village business idea business model Eco friendly tourism center

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Art Village business idea business model Eco friendly tourism center

The trend of tourism has increased a lot in the last few years. People like to spend a relaxing moment in a village away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Living in the Natural Atmosphere, meeting the people there, understanding their culture and enjoying their food, the trend is increasing continuously.

Ganga, a resident of Mumbai, has built an experiential tourism center named Art Village on the same model in Karjat, 63 km from the city. Where people can spend their holidays and learn arts like earth building, organic farming, yoga, painting and paper making. Tourists are also coming here from abroad.

Village rooms, meditation hall, kitchen and community hall are made of wood, clay tiles, Mangalorean tiles. These materials can be easily recycled or reused.

Art Village bussines idea bussines model

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Raw mud camp for tourist stay 

Eco friendly tourism center built on seven acres of barren land

photoshoot center selfie center marriage hall setup

museum hall 

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Today there are thousands of trees of sycamore, bad, shisham and kokum all around the village. Thousands of birds like Kingfisher have always been here. Along with this, organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, medicines and many types of grains are also being grown here. Only organic food is served to the guest coming here.

Artists also exchange their ideas among themselves. Instructors are also present to give master classes on organic farming, earth building, paper making, numerology and yoga. Also different courses have been designed for school students, corporate and family.



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