Start Online Business For Sweet Pickle With Full Guidance Online Marketing

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Start Online Business For Sweet Pickle With Full Guidance Online Marketing

Harbhajan Kaur, 95, from Chandigarh, Many people appreciate Nani on social media. Business tycoon Anand Mahindra has given him the title of = Entrepreneur of the Year

The 95-year-old Harbhajan Kaur family from Chandigarh got together and Nani started her own business. Her hand made gram flour barfi is becoming famous all over the country. Harbhajan Kaur is busy with the family members in fulfilling the orders of sweets and pickles on time. They have their own brand called Harbhajan s.

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Harbhajan Kaur whole family helps her in this business. From product packing, marketing to advertising on Instagram, only the people of the family do it. Along with feeding sweets, Harbhajan also motivates people through Instagram reels.

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Nani only prepares the barfi, the rest of the work is done by other family members. Harbhajan has hired two people for this work. Their products are available in the local market of Punjab. Delivery is also done through Amazon.

Address: SCO 487-488 35C, MAIN MARKET, Chandigarh 160022

Harbhajan s family used to go to the market once every 15 days to set up a barfi stall. There all the barfi was sold out in no time. After this orders started coming at home itself. This cycle continued like this for 4 years.

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At present, Nani makes 8 to 10 products. These include almond syrup, bottle gourd ice cream, tomato chutney, dal pudding, aate panjiri, pickles and many other types of chutneys. Product Mushroom Pickles, mushroom juice

Home-made cheese, butter and ghee, Mushroom Pickles, mushroom juice

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