How To Do Beekeeping Bee Farming What Is The Best Time To Start Beekeeping Business Ideas

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How To Do Beekeeping Bee Farming What Is The Best Time To Start Beekeeping Business Ideas

Jaswant today he is one of the most successful beekeeper of Punjab. With this work of beekeeping, which started from only 200, today they are doing business of 2 crores annually. They give training of Bee farming to other farmers. They are also marketing organic honey across the country. He runs his business under the name Tiwana Bee Farm . Tiwana bee farm G.T. Road Doraha , Ludhiana [ Punjab ] India Pin Code: 141421

Jaswant Singh Tiwana, 64, hails from Ludhiana, Punjab. His family does farming in the village.

 Training for beekeeping is going on in Punjab Agricultural University . I decided to go there. I took a week s training. Then the friend who had advised me for this work took two boxes for beekeeping. After that there was no looking back.

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Jaswant's work was going so well that within six months he had two to 15 boxes. When he started earning well, he left his other work. He devoted his entire attention to beekeeping. At present, they have more than 1500 boxes, from which they extract more than 7.5 thousand kg of honey in a year

Jaswant, Italian keeps bees. They earn three times more than other flies.

Jaswant Singh explains, 'If the common bees are reared, only about 15 kg of honey is produced from a box in a year, while about 60 kg of honey is produced from Italian bees. Italian bees also have high fertility. From this one box bee produces three box bees and then several boxes from it. These bees don't even bite much.

According to Jaswant, they do not add any chemicals or preservatives to their honey. After bringing the honey from the fields, the packaging work is done in their own unit. There are 7 to 8 permanent employees in his team and 8 -10 daily wage workers. Today his annual turnover is around Rs 2 crore.

When does the problem happen Bee Farming?

Jaswant says, “During the rainy season, there is a lot of trouble in beekeeping. Especially from June-July to September-October, there is not much flowering in the crops. Because of this, beekeeping becomes very difficult for the farmers. At such times we do not extract honey. To keep them alive, they give pre-stored honey to eat. There is less earning during the rainy season.

How much does beekeeping cost?

If you want to do beekeeping on a large scale, then you can start this work by taking 100 boxes. If 40 kg of honey is available per box, then the total honey will be 4 thousand kg. On selling 400 kg of honey at the rate of Rs 350 per kg, you will get Rs 14 lakh. If the cost per box comes to Rs.3500 then the total cost will be Rs.3,40,000.

In how many days is the beehive ready?

If the middle part of the honeycomb is cut with a knife, the honey becomes ready again in 15 days.

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What is the best time to start beekeeping?

October-November is the best time to start beekeeping in Haryana. Flowers are found in large numbers during this time. By February-March, the number of flowers is more, due to which the number of bees increases.

In which month do bees lay eggs?

In training I came to know that the time from October to December is the time for laying bees. This is the best time to start beekeeping.

How much honey does a beehive make?

The beekeeper himself decides how many honeycombs to remove. Beekeepers leave up to 44 pounds (20 kg) of honey per hive in areas with moderate climates and up to 130 pounds (60 kg) in areas with very harsh winters, due to lack of food, bad weather or drought in the bee colony. Don't have any problem.

How many eggs does a bee lay at a time?

They lay 1200 to 1800 eggs together. In spring and summer the queen lays more eggs than this.

What substance is in beehive and how is it beneficial for us?

Bees provide many products such as honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and venom. Technologies for production of various hive products are now available in India, however these need to be standardized in farmers' fields.

What is the hallmark of real honey?

Honey gets solidified by mixing directly with sugar, whereas it does not solidify on adulteration of these syrups.

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