How to Get Free 50GB of Cloud Storage Space if Using a service Google Drive to back up

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How to Get Free 50GB of Cloud Storage Space if Using a service Google Drive to back up

Are you one of those people who want to store photos and videos in cloud storage. Many users use a service like Google Drive to back up their files and other data as the service is integrated with Android devices. Google offers a total of 15GB of storage space for free, which is shared across its services like Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos

Once you cross this limit, you will need to sign up for a Google One cloud storage plan to claim 100GB of space and the price starts at Rs 1,300 per annum.

15GB of storage space may sound great, but those who keep undeleted emails in Gmail for years know that they take up a lot of space. People also back up thousands of photos or videos in Google Photos which can easily take up around 10GB of space.

Well, maintaining 15GB of free storage space is a bit difficult. Google has enough to offer because other companies like Apple only offer 5GB of cloud storage for free.

Therefore, those who use the free version of iCloud will have to buy a premium membership after the limit is reached. iCloud+ price in India starts at Rs.75 per month, which is for 50GB of cloud storage. If you do not want to spend extra on cloud storage space, then you can take advantage of 50GB free storage space.

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How to Get Free 50GB of Cloud Storage Space

There is no service that is offering 50GB of free storage space in India, but you can create two new Google accounts for this. In this way you will get 30GB free space. Google doesn t have a policy that prevents you from creating a new free account.

Plus, creating a new Google Account takes less than a minute as it only requires three things – your name, username, and password. It is also very easy to control individual accounts as the search giant gives you the option to access all the accounts in one place. So, if you have two accounts, you ll see both in apps like Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive.

What will happen to user safety?

As far as security is concerned, you can add your primary email id to the other two accounts as a secondary recovery option so that you do not lose your account. Note, you can t just create and leave an account. Google may delete your account after a certain period of time if it is not active. Apart from this, users will not have any problem in accessing their data as anyone can access Google service on any device.



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