Modern Farming Methods modern agriculture technology Business Ideas

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Modern Farming Methods modern agriculture technology Business Ideas

There are only two ways to make farming profitable - first increase the production and secondly reduce the cost. To control the cost of agriculture, the main inputs of agriculture like seeds, fertilizers, plant protection chemicals and irrigation system should be used by balanced and modern methods.

For this, along with proper arrangement of improved seeds, chemical fertilizers, insecticides and water, it is necessary to use modern agricultural machines to complete the agricultural works on time.

At present the biggest challenge facing the agriculture sector is the availability of water. Most of the fresh water is extracted by the agriculture sector. About 84-85% of water in India is used only by the agriculture sector.

Which country has the best farming technology?

The United States and israel is the best country in agriculture technology

Farming technology in israel and new farming technology

60% of Israel land is desert. Israel has adopted a smart way of farming. 1. Drip Irrigation Technique:- Both water and money can be saved by using this technique. In this technique the drip is slow and balanced, which increases the production efficiency.

Drip Irrigation System

Waste Water Management

Soil sensor & automatic sprinkler / sprey

Cobat desertfication technology

Business Ideas

Agriculture 4.0 the future of farming technology and modern farming technology

Aeroponics System, Aquaponics, Hydroponics Monoculture

israel farming technology in india

Agriculture agreement was signed between India and Israel in 2008. Between these agreements, the Indo-Israel Agriculture Project was started.

More than 28 Centers of Excellence were opened in different states in India. In these centers, training is given to the farmers of India and under this training, first of all the agricultural scientists of India are taken to the institutions of Israel and there they are trained and made a good trainer.

modern farming technology harvester modern farming technology machine modern farming technology in the world

GIS software and GPS agriculture. Satellite imagery. Drone and other aerial imagery. Farming software and online data. Merging datasets. new technologies like artificial intelligence, block chain, remote sensing and GIS technology, use of drones and robots etc

Polyhouse Farming Information Business Ideas

Newest Technologies In Agriculture New inventions in farming Modern Farming Methods in India farming technology in israel agriculture the future of farming technology modern farming technology harvester modern farming technology machine

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