SBI Technology Opportunities Fund Returns Portfolio Growth Review Regular Plan

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SBI Technology Opportunities Fund Returns Portfolio Growth Review Regular Plan

SBI Mutual Fund offers both SIP and lumpsum ways to invest in equity funds. The minimum amount for lump sum investment is INR 5000, whereas, by taking the SIP route, investors can start investing with just INR 500.

SBI Mutual Fund is one of the largest and oldest asset management companies in the country. There are many such schemes in the fund house, which are running for more than 20 years. Apart from equity funds, debt funds are also being offered by SBI Mutual Fund. It is a fund house operated by the country s largest public sector bank SBI.

Talking about the equity schemes of SBI Mutual Fund, many of them have given bumper returns to the investors. Systematic Investment Plans ie SIPs have become rich in these schemes in a disciplined manner in the long run. We have selected some such funds here which are in the market for 20 years and in these, the value of money of those who do SIP of only Rs 5000 per month has gone up from Rs 1.12 crore to Rs 1.40 crore. That is, these 5 schemes of SBI Mutual Fund have made those investing Rs 5000 a month into millionaires.

SBI Technology Opportunities Fund Returns history Portfolio Growth Review Regular Plan

SBI Technology Opportunities Fund has a SIP return of 19.38 percent CAGR in the last 20 years. During this, the value of a monthly SIP of Rs 5000 has gone up to Rs 1.12 crore. Those who invest in lump sum have got almost 37 times returns

Several equity schemes of SBI have given consistent returns over the years. Investors who want to get good returns in these equity schemes should stay invested for long term

Q: What is the main category of SBI Technology Opportunities Fund?

A: SBI Technology Opportunities Fund belongs to the Equity in Sectoral- IT Technology company category of funds. that is invest in IT Technology company like HCL Tech Mahindra Ltd. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd.

sbi technology opportunities fund company wise holdings and ALLOCATION BY SECTOR

Technology 82.09%

Services 6.83%

Communication 4.22%

Financial 0.96%


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