When To Invest In Cryptocurrency How Much Is The Tax On Cryptocurrency When To Sell Know The Answers To All The Questions

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When To Invest In Cryptocurrency How Much Is The Tax On Cryptocurrency When To Sell Know The Answers To All The Questions

There is an uproar around the world regarding cryptocurrency. Every country has different rules for investing in cryptocurrencies. In some countries it is considered a legal tender. At the same time, somewhere there is a complete ban. However, there are some countries where there is no clarity on this. Cryptocurrency is legal tender only in El Salvador in the world. In the country of El Salvador you have laws and regulations on investing in Cryptocurrency
- 16 exchanges in India, 308 exchanges in the world.
- A total of more than 10 thousand cryptocurrencies.

When to Invest in Cryptocurrency How Much is Tax on Cryptocurrency When to HOLD Cryptocurrency When to Sell Cryptocurrency Know the Answers to All Questions

How much will the tax be?

- Short term and long term capital gains tax?
- GST?
- STT?
- No tax?

Made on G.

No interference from government or regulator.
- Privacy in transactions.

What are the negatives of crypto?

No control of government or central bank.
- Possibility of being used for wrong purposes.
- Many cases of fraud and scam.
- Too many ups and downs.
- Transaction charge too high.

Number of crypto investors worldwide

country investor
India 10 crore
America 2.74 crore
Russia 1.74 crore
Nigeria 1.3 million

crypto exchanges

Exchange (volume per day)
BINANCE $35 billion
OKEx $10 billion
COINBASE $7.4 billion
KRAKEN $1.47 billion
BITFINEX $1.04 billion
WAZIRX $27.5 million
COINDCX $112 million
ZEBPAY $36 million

Spending on Investing in Crypto

- Charges vary on each exchange.

- Fees of 0.5-1% per trade.
5-20 rupees fee for putting money in the wallet from the bank.
Fees have to be paid even to withdraw money.
- AMC fee Rs 30-300 per month.

FAQ invest in Cryptocurrency 

When to invest in Cryptocurrency How much should be invested in Cryptocurrency?

Investors are investing in huge numbers in Cryptocurrencies and the reason behind this is the great returns 
Nowadays most of the discussion is about how much one should invest in cryptocurrencies. A large number of people believe that virtual currency is a bubble. It is one of the most volatile currencies ever. Many cryptocurrencies exist today.
Start with little money? First of all, keep this thing in mind that when you are going to invest in cryptocurrencies, start with a very small amount.
With little investment, you will be familiar with the process of trading in bitcoin, the process of transfer and how to store the cryptocurrency. When you become familiar with these, you can trade in large lots.

What is top cryptocurrencies, which have the best performance ?

People's interest in cryptocurrencies is also increasing. Today we are going to tell you about the top cryptocurrencies, which have the best performance for the last two months. Investors have seen a lot of investment in these
If you have invested Rs 10,000 in Bitcoin, then your net investment will be a little over Rs 14,000 today. At the same time, investing in Ethereum will also see almost the same result. But if you had invested in the much-hyped token Shiba Inu, you would have received a total of around Rs 74,000 within these 60 days. If you put this money in one of the top performing cryptocurrencies, your original Rs 10,000 will increase to Rs 1,57,000.

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