Work Of Geofencing Technology Used New Marketing Strategies Ideas Purpose Of Geofencing Marketing Create And Monitor

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Work Of Geofencing Technology Used New Marketing Strategies Ideas Purpose Of Geofencing Marketing Create And Monitor

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New Marketing technology Location Based Product Marketing geofencing 

Geofencing is a technology of this star which is used to track your location. You can say that Geofencing is location based technology and you can do this for your Product Marketing. With the help of this, many other software and apps use GPS.
Apart from this, it is also used in promotion, social media marketing alerts. If you want to track the location of a vehicle or a person, then with the help of Geo Fencing, you can track its exact location.
You must have noticed that if you are going from the front of a mall, then Google MAP tells you about the mall and gives information about all the shopping soaps near that road, all with the help of Geofencing.

FAQ Geofencing 

How Geofencing can be used in shopping malls?

Noticed Alert that if you are going from the front of a mall, then using Google MAP

How is geofence used in marketing?

Promotion, social media marketing alerts. If you want to track the location of a vehicle or a person visit in market 

How can geofencing be used?

track the location of a vehicle or a person, online Marketing  

1. Geo fencing is a which kind of boundary ?

a) Virtual Boundary
b) Physical Boundary
c) Both
d) Guided Boundary
 Correct Answer is A
A geo fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. geo-fence can be a predefined set of boundaries (such as school zones or
neighborhood boundaries).
This info, which could contain the location of the device, could be sent to a mobile telephone or an email account.
Geo fencing is a location-based service in which an app or other s/w program uses RFID (Radio frequency identification), Wi-Fi, GPS, or
Cellular data to trigger a targeted marketing action.

2. Who invented Geo fencing ?

a) Microsoft
b) Apple
c) DJI
d) Amazon
DJI (Da-Jian Innovations)
A Chinese Company who developed this technology
Correct Answer is C

3. Geo fencing is a _______ ?

a) Location- Based Service
b) Payment- Based Service
c) Gender – Based Service
d) Customer Based Service
Correct Answer is A
one example of usage involves a location-aware device of a location-based service (LBS)
user entering or exiting a geo-fence.
Geo fencing is a location-based service in which an app or other s/w program uses RFID
(Radio frequency identification), Wi-Fi, GPS, or Cellular data to trigger a targeted
marketing action.

4. Name the first state in India, which used geo fencing technologies ?

a) Assam
b) Punjab
c) Kerala
d) Goa
Kottayam District Police was the first in the state (in March 2020) to implement geo fencing for
persons under quarantine for COVID-19.
The technology is now also being used by police departments of other districts.
Correct Answer is C

5. Which Geo Fencing app made to identify home quarantined COVID19 patient was named as ?

A) Aarogya Setu
B) Sputnik V
C) LakshmanRekha
D) COVA Punjab
The Home Quarantine Management Application (HQMA), called LakshmanRekha, uses a
combination of biometric verification, geofencing and AI.
App made by – IIT Mandi
Correct Answer is C

6. Which ISP does not support Geo fencing ?

A) Jio
C) Airtel
Geo fencing App will not work on BSNL and MTNL Users because BSNL and MTNL doesn’t
support GPS, So tracking facility is not present
Correct Answer is D

7. What is the disadvantages of Geo fencing ?

A) Tedious Task
B) Privacy Concern
C) Drain Battery Fast
D) Notifications disturbances
E) All of Above
Answer- All of above.
Tedious Task- It is not easy to implement
Correct Answer is E

8. In Geo fencing, GNSS stands for

A) Global Navigation Satellite System
B) Global Network Satellite System
C) Global National Switch system
D) Global Nuclear Satellite System
It is one of the global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) that provides geo location and time
information to a GPS receiver anywhere on or near the Earth.
Correct Answer is A
9. GPS Stands for
A) Global Projecting System
B) Global Positioning System
C) Global Processing System
D) Global Parsing System
Correct Answer is B
10. What type of Antenna is used in GPS System ?
a) Yagi Antenna
b) Quad Helix Antenna
c) Loop antena
d) Parabolic Antena
The two antennas differ in how they are oriented. Patch antennas work best held horizontally; quad helix
antennas work best held vertically. Both provide omnidirectional gain
Correct Answer is B
11. Clock used by GPS satellite is known as
A) Magnetic Clock
B) Neutral Clock
C) Atomic Clock
D) GPS Clock
The GPS Clock is a satellite system that provides a very precise timing service. The
system uses atomic clocks to provide everyone on Earth with low-cost access to
international atomic time standards.
Correct Answer is C
12. Which of the following is the name of US GPS system ?
A) Navstar
B) Beidou
D) Galileo
Correct Answer is A
Full form of IRNSS ?
13. GPS Satellites are ?
a) GEO Satellite
b) MEO Satellite
c) LEO Satellite
d) All of these
GPS satellites fly in medium Earth orbit (MEO) at an altitude of approximately 20,200 km
(12,550 miles). Each satellite circles the Earth twice a day
One Rotation Completes in 12 Hours
Correct Answer is B
14. In cyber Law terminology ‘DOS’ means :
A) Denial of Service
B) Disk Operating System
C) Distant Operator Service
D) None of the above
DOS is a attack which makes the system or data unavailable to someone who needs it.
Correct Answer is A
15. Junk e-mail is also called -
A) Spoof
B) Spool
C) Sniffer script
D) Spam
Correct Option : D
16. When did IT Act passed in India ?
A) 2021
B) 2010
C) 2014
D) 2000
The Information Technology Act, 2000 is an Act of the Indian Parliament notified on 17 October
2000. It is the primary law in India dealing with cybercrime and electronic commerce.
The bill was passed in the budget session of 2000 and signed by President K. R. Narayanan on 9
June 2000. The bill was finalised by a group of officials headed by then Minister of Information
Technology Pramod Mahajan
Total Chapter – 13 ( Sections – 94)
Correct Option : D
17. Under which section of Indian IT Act, Chinese apps were blocked ?
A) Section 66A
B) Section 69A
C) Section 73
D) Section 67A
On 29 June 2020, the Indian Government banned 59 Chinese mobile apps, most notably TikTok,
supported by Section 69A and citing national security interests.
The original Act contained 94 sections, divided into 13 chapters and 4 schedules.
Correct Option : B
18. Which of the following is punishment for Cyber terrorism according
to Indian IT Act 2000 ?
A) Up to 2 Years
B) Up to 1 year
C) Lifetime Imprisonment
D) Up to 7 Years
Correct Option : C
Under Section 66F
19. Which of the following section of IT Act was revoked by Supreme
Court of India ?
A) Section 66F
B) Section 69 A
C) Section 65
D) Section 66A
On 24 March 2015, the Supreme Court of India, gave the verdict that Section 66A is
unconstitutional in entirety. The court said that Section 66A of IT Act 2000 is "arbitrarily,
excessively and disproportionately invades the right of free speech" provided under Article
20. Which of the following is not an example of a computer as weapon cyber crime ?
A) leakage of credit card data
B) Pornography
C) Spying Someone
D) None of These
21. Unauthorized use of trademark is known as ?
A) Hacking
B) Cyber Bullying
C) Cyber Squatting
D) Cyber Spacing
The term cybersquatting refers to the unauthorized registration and use of Internet domain
names that are identical or similar to trademarks, service marks, company names, or personal
22. Section 3 of IT Act deals with ?
A) Ban on Porn Content
B) Hacking
C) Digital Signature Authentication
D) Cyber Terrorism
Section 3 of the Information technology Act, 2000 provides certain provisions for the
authentication of electronic records. The provisions are: Subject to the provisions of
this section, any subscriber can affix his digital signature and hence authenticate an electronic
23. O.M.R. stands for
A) Optical Mark Reader
B) Optical Machine Reader
C) Octal Machine Reader
D) Octal Mark Reader
Correct option : A
24. Which of the following was the first computer VIRUS ?
A) Creeper
B) Trojan Horse
C) Ransomeware
D) Brain
Option : A
25. Which virus executes when computer starts ?
A) File Infector
B) Boot Sector
C) Macro Virus
D) Trojan Horse
In computing, booting is the process of starting a computer.

26. Action of recording the key strokes on a Keyboard is known as

A) Denial of Service
B) Scams
C) Spamming
D) Key logging
Correct :: C Option

27. Which type of malware that takes data hostage until/unless you a pay demanded money to release ?

A) Phishing software
B) Hacking software
C) Kidnapping
D) Ransomware
Correct :: D Option

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