Euro Cup Football Tournament Sports Current Gk Quiz Date

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Euro Cup Football Tournament Sports Current Gk Quiz Date

Euro 2020, the 16th edition of the European Championship, began on 11 June in 11 major cities across Europe. Many legendary teams took part in this, after which now at the end of the quarter-finals, four teams have qualified for the quarter-finals. Spain, Italy, Denmark and England have qualified for the semi-finals.

UEFA Euro Cup is going to start ?

The UEFA Euro Cup is going to start from Friday, June 11. It is also known as UEFA European Football Championship and UEFA European Championship. The biggest teams of the world take part in the Euro Cup. This is the reason why this tournament is given the most importance after the FIFA World Cup.

Euro Cup was first organized in ?

The Euro Cup was first organized in 1960. It has been organized after every four years. So far this tournament has been organized jointly by more than 2 countries. Starting from June 11, this tournament will be hosted by 11 countries together for the first time.

How many time Play football Euro Cup

This year the 16th edition of Euro Cup will be played.

Euro Cup Won team List

So far 15 European Championship tournaments have been won by 10 teams. Germany and Spain won the tournament the most 3-3 times. France has won the Euro Cup title twice.

This cwas started in 1960 and is played every 4 years. After the FIFA World Cup, this tournament has the most importance and hence it is also called the Mini World Cup.

After about 29 days and 46 matches, the Euro Cup football tournament is about to reach its conclusion. The tournament has got 2 finalist teams as Italy and England. The final between the two will be played at Wembley, London on 11 July. 

 Along with this, the ticket prices for the final match are touching the sky. Tickets are now sold in black after being sold out on UEFA's official site. The cost of one seat is about Rs 56 lakh, while the price on the official site was Rs 83 thousand. 90 thousand spectators are expected to reach Wembley for the final.

English team in Euro Cup final for the first time

England fans do not want to miss this match. His team has reached the final for the first time in 60 years of tournament history. Prior to this, his best performance was in the third position in 1968. At the same time, the team has reached the final of any major tournament (World Cup / Euro Cup) for the first time since 1996.

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