Ways to stop payment of cheque fast and rules for withdrawing money from check

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Ways to stop payment of cheque fast and rules for withdrawing money from check

If you have given wrong amount bank check to whom by mistake, what can you do. You can stop the bank check. For that, you will have to do rice from the bank. If you gave the bank check of the same amount to someone, then he put the check in the bank, then you can get into the problem, if that amount is not in your account then your bank check will bounce.

Ways to stop payment of bank cheque fast and rules for withdrawing money from check

The person does not speak kush while paying the bank cheque. There is no record of him with the bank. Except for just the two sign on the back of the cheque, the bank neither takes his ID nor does the inquiry.

You have to take the same step to stop payment of cheque. You are responsible for that, not the bank.

If the check which has not yet been cleared by the bank means that the money has not been transferred to your account and its payment is to be stopped, then the application is made by the account holder. Intimation in writing to the concerned bank or by calling at the online call center is sufficient to stop the check payment.

At the same time, citing the Banking Law Negotiable Instrument Act 1981, banks are avoiding their responsibility.

According to the Act, the bank has to make the payment by taking a signature from the customer or his representative. In Udaipur city, transactions worth 200 crores are done daily through checks and DDs in 98 branches of 40 banks. In such a situation, how much do banks care about the money of five lakh account holders?

Ways to stop payment of bank cheque can be from angle

The account holder can make an online request to the bank to stop payment of his cheque

Account holder can call the customer care helpline number from his phone

The account holder can come to the branch office from his bank and give a written application and say that my check is not cleared.

The written application request to the account holder should contain the following information about the check:

check issue date

Bearer name

cheque number

the amount to be debited by way of check and

account holder information

Stop payment of cheque by calling customer care helpline numbers

All banks provide helpline numbers for the convenience of the customer which are as follows:


The account holder can call the helpline numbers of the bank and submit a request for stop payment of the cheque

The customer care agent will assist the calling customer to place the request or register the request

The executive will ask for the account holder s bank account information like account number, name, date of birth etc.





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