How to take Aadhaar Card Franchise and what work can be done by taking Aadhaar Card Franchise

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How to take Aadhaar Card Franchise and what work can be done by taking Aadhaar Card Franchise

It is necessary to have a license to open an Aadhaar Card Center. To get the license, you have to pass the test which is taken by IDAI. Before taking the license, you have to appear in the online exam.

After passing the online exam, the next step is to do Aadhaar Enrollment and Biometric Verification. After this, by registering the Common Service Center, you can convert to the original franchisee license.

Aadhaar Card Franchise कैसे लें और Aadhaar Card Franchise ले कर कौन-कौन सा काम कर सकते है हिंदी में 

How to Apply Online for Aadhaar Card Franchise?

Online registration has to be done before opening the Aadhaar Card Center. Only after this you can do the work of making Aadhar card.

First of all, you have to go to the website of NSEIT. Go to the official website [] link.

Here you have to do new registration. Click on Create New User button to proceed.

Here a page will open in which the XML file has to be selected and uploaded. Along with this, share code has to be entered. To get the share code, you have to visit the Aadhaar website [].

From here you will download offline E-Aadhaar. In this you do not need to worry because with it both Xml FILE and Share code is available.

Upload the document and signature on the next screen. You can also see by previewing here.

Now you have to accept the declaration and submit it.

At last you have to make payment. After this you can download and print the receipt.

What work has to be done at the center of Aadhar Card?

Only work related to Aadhar card is done at Aadhar Card Center. But still some users want to know in details which are as follows.

create new aadhar card

If the address is wrong, the work of making corrections / changes is done.

Correction has to be made if the spelling is wrong in any kind of name.

Change blur photo

Correction and change in date of birth.

Mobile number is updated as per the requirement.

Updating Email ID 

Enter More Update: