Largest Wildlife Sanctuary Punjab Largest And Biggest Wildlife Sanctuary Punjab

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Largest Wildlife Sanctuary Punjab Largest And Biggest Wildlife Sanctuary Punjab

There are many wildlife sanctuaries in Punjab. In which there are many types of rare creatures such as blackbuck, blue bull, black buck, northern goshawk, pheasant, jungle cat, jackal, rhesus monkey, peafowl, etc. Punjab State is known for many rivers, lush green agriculture, there is a wildlife sanctuary due to rivers in Punjab. Where different birds come during winter around

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Biggest wildlife sanctuary punjab sabase bada vanyajeev abhayaarany panjaab biggest wildlife sanctuary punjab

Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Punjab Abohar Wildlife Sanctum Establishment Year: 1988 Area : 18,650 hectares Location : Abohar

Harike Wildlife Sanctuary

Harike is a river in Punjab where two rivers meet Beas and Sutlej. From where the water goes to Rajasthan. Known for the Ramsar site which is home to several waterfalls, the sanctuary is home to a wide variety of fauna and flora. One of the major activities here is ornithology, which is visited by about a hundred different birds that visit the world during winters. Different birds come from all over the world in Harike Wildlife Sanctuary at that time where tourists come from different worlds. 

List of wildlife sanctuary punjab

1 Bir Aishvan Wildlife Sanctuary Patiala 2.64 1952

2 Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary Patiala 10.23 1952

3 Bir Bunerheri Wildlife Sanctuary Patiala 6.62 1952

4 Bir Dosanjh Wildlife Sanctuary Patiala 5.18 1952

5 Bir Mehaswala Wildlife Sanctuary Patiala 1.23 1952

6 Bir Motibagh Wildlife Sanctuary Patiala 6.54 1952

7 Bir Gurdialpura Wildlife Sanctuary Patiala 6.2 1977

8 Harike Lake Wildlife Sanctuary Amritsar 86 1982

9 Abohar WILDLIFE SANCTUARY Firozppur 186.5 1988

10 Takhni-Rehampur Wildlife Sanctuary Hoshiarpur 3.82 1992

11 Jhajjar Bacholi Wildlife Sanctuary Rupnagar 1.16 1998

12 Kathlaur Kushlian Wildlife Sanctuary Gurdasur 7.58 2007

13 Nangal Wildlife Sanctuary Rupnagar 2.90 2009

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