History Review And Biography Of Avni Sanitary Pads Company CEO Sujata Pawar

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History Review And Biography Of Avni Sanitary Pads Company CEO Sujata Pawar

Sujata Pawar started the startup of reusable and organic sanitary pads under the brand name of Avni company in August last year. The company which is supplying its product today to countries like Nepal, Singapore, New Zealand. Now the company is selling its product through online and offline platforms.

About Sujata Pawar, Co-Founder and CEO of Avni and myavni

Sujata is an MBA graduate with a good experience in the medical field for about 8 years. He worked in different pharmaceutical companies.

Avni company manufactures Organic Sanitary Safepad Pads products. The use of sanitary pads available in the market causes health issues to women. The plastics and chemicals used in these are not good for women s health. Infection also starts after long term use.

History Review and Biography of Avni sanitary pads company CEO Sujata Pawar


He tied up with a designing partner and in August 2020, Avni created reusable organic cotton pads. There was neither leakage problem nor drying. This pad was safe in every way and could be reused for a long time.

Sujata Pawar handled his business or company from home for the first four-five months. He managed orders from home and fulfilled the demand of the customers. When the business of Avni company got bigger and the demand of myavni company started increasing, he opened an office. Where about 30 people currently work. Most of them are women, who do the work of preparing and packaging the pads.

Investor funding rounds for Avni and myavni company 

Sujata says that we have invested about 25 lakhs. In which some funds have also been received from investors. Which has been spent on the purchase of machines and raw material. We have also spent some funds on marketing strategy and promotion.

 Avni and myavni company Organic Sanitary Safepad Pads Product Review

The main three types of products of Avni and myavni company are online. Among them is an organic cotton pad which is made of three layers. Antimicrobial technology has been used in this. It costs Rs 200 and is reusable for three years

The second product is a disposable pad. The cost of one pad is Rs.10. It is prepared in an eco-friendly manner. Its packaging material is also eco-friendly.

The third product is the menstrual cup. It is made of silicone. In this blood is collected instead of drying. It can be used for four years.


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