Disadvantages of PPE Kits for Environment Skin Infection

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In this epidemic, PPE kit is protecting doctors and nursing staff from infection. But this has some disadvantages. Doctors and nursing staff have to wear PPE kits throughout the day, due to which the risk of skin infection is increasing among doctors. 

The disadvantages of ppe kits for the environment effect, Skin Infection

Disadvantages of PPE Kits for Environment Skin Infection PPE Kit Environmental Health & Safety

If PPE kits, gloves, body suits, lowers, head covers, boot covers, face masks and sanitizer bottles are not disposed of properly, they can cause huge damage to the environment. The N-95 mask is different. You know that if we throw ppe kit somewhere after use, it will take 500 years to decompose.

If we burn the ppe kit in the furnace after use, ie incinerated, then 3816 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) will be released from it. It would take a single tree 182 days to absorb this much CO2. In other words, 182 trees will be able to eliminate that much CO2 in one day.

At present, millions of Medical Personal Protective Equipments and N-95 masks which are being used every day and millions of liters of sanitizer-disinfectant being sprayed in the environment every day have also posed a big threat to the environment. The world involved in dealing with this is raising such a high mountain of dangerous Bio Medical Waste (BMW) that it will be difficult to overcome it soon.

PPE kits, gloves, masks and sanitizers are manufactured from plastic, latex rubber and chemicals. Not all of them are eco-friendly and there is a danger of harming the environment.

Plastic waste is posing a serious challenge to the environment of the Himalayas. Along with tourists, plastic is also reaching the inaccessible peaks of the Himalayas to the uninterrupted rivers and dense forests. Which is also a threat to the biodiversity of Uttarakhand.

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