How To Block Calls On Android Smartphone And IPhone

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How To Block Calls On Android Smartphone And IPhone

 If you are troubled by a number and do not want to receive it, Android will help you to block this number. First you go to the contact. Then identify the contact card to be blocked. Press the smartphone s menu button and check All Calls to Email.

All calls from this contact will be forwarded directly to your voicemail. By the way, many mobile phones also add a separate feature to block the company. But this is usually the same in Android phones.

Call Block on Android Device

If you want to block more than one number, then you alternately create a contact for each number and then block it, or do it by making a contact with a black list name and block all the unwanted numbers.


If you have Samsung, LG, HTC brand, then your smartphone can handle the reject list according to the parameters of the phone application. Start the application and press the menu key. Then click on the Settings option.

There are many applications like rejecting calls in the play store as well. Avast in security application! There is a feature of mobile security. This feature also gives the user the option to choose the time of day, or throughout the week, when filtering is most effective. Apart from this, there are many more special applications of call rejects such as call blocker, or blocking calls and SMS. You can easily search for an application called Call Blocker by going to the Play Store.

Block calls from unknown numbers on Android

Open the Phone app, and tap More> Call Settings> Call Rejection:

Next, tap the Auto reject list:

Now toggle the Unknown option to On:

If your Android smartphone does not have the option to block an unfamiliar number, you can download and install a call blocking app like Extreme Call Blocker or SMS and Call Blocker.

 How to block number in samsung phone


Click on the call (phone) icon on your phone's home screen.

Now select the number you want to block.

After this, click on three points.

Now click on the block number option.

In this way you can block a number in your Samsung phone.

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