Side effects of decoction Kadha Excess intake can cause harm

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Side effects of decoction Kadha Excess intake can cause harm

The decoction is undoubtedly effective, but some people have such fear of corona that they are ready to drink the brew whenever they get the chance. If anything is used excessively, then it starts harming the body. The decoction is undoubtedly very beneficial, but its excessive use can spoil your digestion. The Ministry of AYUSH has advised people to drink decoction twice a day, but the craze of drinking it has become so popular that people start drinking decorations whenever they get a chance.

If you take decoction, get complete information about it too. Ginger and black pepper are used in decoction, and excessive use of ginger can cause chest irritation. Black pepper flavor is also hot. Ghee should be used in small quantities in decoction. Excessive use of ghee may cause indigestion, flatulence. Which can also lead to many health related problems in our body due to excessive use. Therefore, use a limited amount of things lying in the decoction.

But as you may be aware, anything is very bad. Even if it is an immunity booster Kadha. Ayurveda experts are also suggesting that if the decoction is used in too much quantity, the body can be damaged in many ways.

Side effects of Kadha

If you are taking decoction every day and there is bleeding from your nose, there are blisters in the mouth, the digestive system is not well. So you understand that all these problems are arising due to excessive consumption of decoction.

How much quantity of decoction to consume at a time 

The decoction should not be taken more than 50 ml. To make the decoction, mix all the ingredients in 100 ml of water and let it boil till it is 50 ml. And let it cook a little bit. But keep in mind that you do not have to drink more than this.

1) The decoction of decoction is hot and due to drinking it too much, there may be a problem of mouth and stomach ulcer.

2) Overdose of things like Cinnamon, Giloy, Pepper can cause stomach pain, heartburn or acidity.

3) Due to drinking too much decoction, liver is also damaged (Bad for liver). So at the same time, excessive use of Giloy reduces the sugar level.

4) Drinking excessive amount of decoction can also cause problems such as nose bleeding, sour belching and trouble in urine.


The decoction eliminates cough, and kapha proves to be quite helpful for curing people suffering from mucus.

Although this decoction made by mixing Ayurvedic things is beneficial for health, but drinking in large quantities can also be harmful for the body.


Mostly hot tasseer items are used to make the decoction. In which hot ingredients like black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, Giloy, Ashwagandha, cardamom and dry ginger are added. All these things produce heat in the body. If you use them more during the summer season then it can be harmful for your body. If you have phlegm disorder then you can drink brew regularly. By doing this, the phlegm ends. But people with Pitta and Vata dosha should avoid hot things.




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