How To Set Up Auto Replying To Gmail Required Emails While On Vacation

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How To Set Up Auto Replying To Gmail Required Emails While On Vacation

Your sent email is reached immediately, at the same time you can email many people. Another biggest advantage is that it saves paper, you can immediately send email ( email). When you are in office, you can easily send email to anyone and also reply to them, but when you are out on vacation.

Yes, when on vacation, it becomes difficult to reply to the necessary emails or to tell the mails that we are on holiday, one way to avoid this hassle and to spend your vacation comfortably is to auto reply ) Use the option, that is, every day you are on vacation or have gone out, then all the emails coming to your inbox will be auto reply, but how come we know-

If you have ever visited or are present in a place where you cannot check your Gmail inbox. So for those days you can activate the Automatic Vacation Responder in your Gmail. When you do this, any email will come in your mail box, then its sender will automatically know that you are on leave and will not be able to receive the email.

1) Open your Gmail account.

2) Go to Settings.


auto replying to required emails


3) Click on General Tab here.

4) You will see the Vacation responder option here. Turn it on

5) Put the date in the first day from which you want to give auto reply to people or you are going on vacation.

6) In Last Day, put the date on which you are coming back from vacation.

7) Now write the subject in the Subject as it is written below.

8) Now type your answer in the message. In which you can add links and attachments just like email.

9) After this click on Save Changes.

If you want, you can always use auto reply, for this, do not put any date in the last day.

So set up auto reply on Gmail and spend your vacation comfortably.

There are many companies that provide email for free. Out of that, gmail is considered the best. It is a service of Google itself. Through this, you can create your free email account very easily. In this, you will get all those options, with the help of which you can manage your gmails easily.


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