Any Email Sent To Gmail Can Be Stopped Using Undo Send Setting

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Any Email Sent To Gmail Can Be Stopped Using Undo Send Setting

Google complains of any problem from its users and tries to resolve it as soon as possible. Google has added a new feature to its email service Gmail for a similar problem. Under this new feature, you can now withdraw emails sent by mistake within a certain time.

Many times it happens that you want to send mail to someone else and your mail goes to someone else due to not paying attention or the email id is wrong. In such a situation, some confidential information can also go to such a person, whom you do not want to tell. Apart from this, there are many mistakes in the mail, which cannot be rectified after sending.

Any email sent to Gmail can be stopped within 10 seconds, that is, the email is returned. Sometimes you can increase the undo time of email from 10 seconds to 30 seconds to rectify mistakes like mistyping someone s name in haste or sending an incomplete sentence. For this, go to Settings from Gmail homepage, then General Settings and then click on undo send. From here you can increase the undo time of email.

To avoid such a situation, Google has added a feature in its Gmail. However, this feature is not new in Gmail, but few people know about it. In our news, we will tell you how this feature works

How to activate Undo Send feature in Gmail Email Account

Login Gmail account and go to Settings and you have to scroll down. Scrolling down, you will see an option of Undo Send . Now enable the Undo Send feature by clicking on the check box in front of it.

Now you will see an option called Send cancellation period just below the Undo Send feature. Now, according to your requirement, select the time (5-30) seconds in the Send cancellation period. and click save

After completion of this process, whenever you send an email, your email will be saved for a few seconds. In addition, you will see a message to undo the email sent on the screen.

How to return an email:

The way to recall your sent email after activating the Undo send feature is very easy. As soon as you send a mail, your Inbox tab appears with Your message has been sent written upwards. Near this, you will see Undo written, on which you will be able to return your mail by clicking.

Sometimes we send mail to the wrong email id in a hurry. This is realized shortly after sending us the mail. But by then it is too late. In such a situation, our essential information reaches another. In this situation you have no choice but to regret it. At that time, we just keep thinking that I wish we could stop that mail. But it is possible. Yes, to avoid such a situation, Google has added a feature in its Gmail.






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