To apply Corona vaccine those above 18 years of age will be able to register from April 28 the vaccine will be started from May 1

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To apply Corona vaccine those above 18 years of age will be able to register from April 28 the vaccine will be started from May 1

Third phase registrations for vaccination of Kovid-19 are starting from April 28. For this stage, those who are 18 years and above can get vaccinated from May 1.

But to get vaccinated at this stage, people will have to go to the cowin platform or Arogya Setu app and register for the vaccine, they will not be able to go to the hospital directly.

In order to increase the availability of the corona vaccine, the government approved two vaccines of Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India, and after this, the foreign-made Sputnik vaccine was also approved for emergency use.

People over 18 years of age will be able to register themselves on the Kovin app from April 28 to get vaccinated. Vaccination will begin from May 1 for those over 18 years of age.

Where can I get corona vaccine?

Vaccination has included government health centers as well as private hospitals. That is, you will have the option to get vaccinated at the center of your choice. How to register for covid vaccine. For this, people can also register online while sitting at home. People can do this through CoWIN website or Arogya Setu App. Note that there is no CoWIN app for registration. Registration can be done daily from 9 am to 3 pm. Vaccination will also depend on the availability of slots.

How to register for Corona Vaccine?

The person has to login on

Enter your phone number. Then we have to click on "Get OTP".

OTP will be sent to the phone number via SMS.

Enter OTP and click on the Verify button.

After the OTP is verified, the "Registration of Vaccination" page will appear.

Enter the required details in this page. These include Photo ID Proof, Photo ID Number, Name, Year of Birth, Gender and other illnesses will have to be reported to those with more than 45 years.

After filling these details, click on the register at the bottom right.

Message will be received on completion of registration.

Once the registration is complete, the system will show the account details.

If you cannot get a self-register then you can go to the nearest covid vaccination center. You can register yourself there. Do not forget to carry a valid identity card and a certificate of co-morbidity (if applicable).

What documents are required for vaccine?

You get registered in any mode, you have to show the identity card before vaccination. The government has approved 12 types of identity cards for vaccination. These are:

Aadhar Card

Voter ID


driving license

PAN card

Health insurance smart card

Pension document

Bank / post office passbook

MNREGA job card

MP / MLA / MLC ID Card

Service ID Card of Government employees

Smart Card issued under National Population Register

What will be the cost of the vaccine from May 1?

According to the Union Health Secretary, the vaccine companies will declare their prices before May 1. Either private hospitals will get the vaccine or the state government will be able to take them. This does not mean that the vaccine will be found at a chemist s shop. The government will no longer provide vaccines to private hospitals. Whatever charges private hospitals charge for vaccination, they will be monitored.

Will the vaccine not be available in a private hospital for Rs 250 now?

The Health Secretary said that from May 1, the system under which private hospitals could charge up to Rs 250, that system will end. He told that vaccination will be provided free of cost at the vaccination centers in which the Government of India is providing the vaccine.




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