Apple search engine update launch date marketing news compete with Google

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Apple search engine update launch date marketing news compete with Google

To compete with Google, American tech giant Apple (Apple) may soon launch its own search engine. According to the report, Apple is working on its search engine and can launch its own search engine. According to this report, Apple is hiring engineers for its Spotlight search engine. Spotlight is an important search feature offered in Mac OS, where users can search content from their MacBook to the web.

Apple, the premium smartphone maker company, can soon launch its search engine. Let us know that the number of Apple iphone users in the world is quite high, which till now has been commonly using Google search engine. But with the arrival of Apple s new search engine, Google may get a big shock. According to reports, the California company Apple is working fast on its search engine.

Google had an agreement with the Apple company, under which Apple used Google as the default search engine across all of its devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and MacOS. Meaning Apple s device already had a Google search engine. For this, Apple was paid crores of rupees from Google. But the Competition and Market Authority of the UK considered the deal between Google and Apple to be against business rules.

What will be new in Apple s search engine

According to the report, Apple s search engine can be quite different from the already existing search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Advertisements will not appear on Apple s search engine and it will be completely private. Although it can not be told right now how Apple s search engine will work. Also, it is not known whether Apple s search engine will only support Apple devices or whether other devices will also get support of this search engine.

According to the report, Apple has hired people associated with search engine development. Some of them are former Google employees as well. In addition, Apple is also doing some new recruitment in this regard. Financial Times has also seen activities related to Applebot. It is a web crawler that collects massive amounts of internet data.

Recently Apple has also made some changes in the way of searching for iPhone users. Now during web searching, the initial results come from Apple, not from Google. However, it is currently happening only in iOS 14.

Will compete directly with Google

It is not yet clear how long Apple will launch its search engine. However, whenever it comes, its direct competition is going to be with Google. Let us know that around 90 percent people worldwide use Google for online search. Many other companies tried to compete with Google search, although they could not find success.

Let us know that every year Google gives Apple millions of rupees to keep Google, the default search engine in iPhone, iPad and Mac OS. According to the report, this deal may end soon. According to a report by CoyWolf, the UK Competition and Market Authority may take a tough stance on the deal between Apple and Google s search engines.



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