Record tutorial videos by recording your mobile and computer screen best tips

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Record tutorial videos by recording your mobile and computer screen best tips

 You can get all kinds of information from your phone. Things you can do on a computer like Playing, Sending Document, Sending Mail, Watching Movie, Song  Can do work on your mobile. Through Screen Record, we can record every activity of our mobile and computer and if you want to explain any setting of mobile to your friend, then you can Record tutorial video and send it by Screen Record.

Today, technology has increased so much that we can make our work easier by taking advantage of these technologies by downloading many types of applications and software in mobile and computers. This kind of application has been made for many tasks that your work gets done very easily in no time. Screen Record is a very useful feature for your computer and mobile. 

With the help of software, you can record the screen of the computer and make Record tutorial videos.

Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder: First of all, you have to download this software Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder in your computer.

Camtasia studio: With this Recorder, you can record the video as well as edit the video. You can use it for free.

Icecream Screen Recorder: It can easily record Screen Recorder and any required part. Many Recorders can only record videos and not sounds. With this Recorder, you can record audio along with videos.

More PC Screen Record Software List Check

1. Debut Video Capture Software

2. CamStudio Video Capture Software

3. TinyTake Video Capture Software

4. Apowersoft Video Capture Software

5. TechRadar Video Capture Software

Screen Record Software List

You can record your mobile screen and make Record tutorial videos

Download App - Download Az Screen Recorder first.

Install App - Now download and install it.

Open App - Open the app. Now a shortcut option will open. Click on Recording Icon.

Rec Screen Recorder : With this app you can record audio along with video. It starts recording after 10 seconds. You can set your mobile in 10 seconds.

Mobizen Screen Recorder: 

Using this app, you can transfer your mobile s files to your computer as well as screen record. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Is designed specifically for recording games. But you can also use it to record Other Feature. By connecting this app to the computer as soon as you play the game in mobile. So his recording will continue in the computer.

ADV Screen Recorder:

This app has a great user-friendly interface. It has many features in which Pause recording is an important feature. You can also set banners, trim videos, and more

Riv Screen Recorder

This app records at full screen resolution with the option to determine resolution, orientation, and bit-rate. Additionally it can record audio, turn On ya Off to start a recording. Your videos will be easily stored in a folder and can be stored on the SD card as well.

ScreenCam Screen Recorder

This app screen recording for devices running in Android 5.0 or higher version up to 1440 x 2560 at 30 FPS, you can record audio to add to your video. If you have a smartphone running on Android 7.0, you can pause or resume the recording without interruption.


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