When the computer has to turn off the direct switch off follow this shortcut method Otherwise it could be a loss

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When the computer has to turn off the direct switch off follow this shortcut method Otherwise it could be a loss

If you close a laptop or computer in the right way, then your data is not lost! The biggest advantage of shutting down correctly is that whenever you turn off the laptop or computer, first of all, it will ask you to save all the document files running on your computer, because maybe you can save a document If you forget to save, it gives you another chance so that your document does not get spoiled and deleted. So this is the biggest advantage of direct shoot down.

If you are transferring your data from one computer to another, then there is no harm to you. When you close your computer PC or laptop, you have the option to save and close. With which you are alerted and you can take a backup of your data and save.

Direct shutdown of your computer may result in damage Data crashed file

If you are transferring the data from your memory card, pendrive, your phone to the computer and shut down your computer directly, then your data may blow up and your computer s RAM may also get crashed and the cpu also messed up. Might be possible !

 if you shut down your computer or laptop directly or turn off the power, then the data that was running on your computer through RAM will not be able to get the time and the data will not be in its proper place due to direct off. Will get it and it will remain in the middle! And the data left in RAM gets deleted after the data light goes away! Because RAM is a random access memory and the only thing about it is that the data it contains gets deleted as soon as its power is switched off!

After that whenever you go on your computer or laptop, that data will not get its place because the data that is left in RAM is now exhausted, that data has now been deleted, then after that many times the window of your computer. corrupts and sometimes window repair starts appearing! And in many hairs, no computer or laptop is turned on and the computer window flies away!

Why computer should not shut down direct

Methods to shut down the computer PC laptop directly turn off

First press Alt + F4 simultaneously from the keyboard. On pressing this shortcut our Shut Down Window is openly exposed to us.

Now you have to open Drop Down List from Shut Down Window. For this, click on this arrow.

Now you have to click on the Shut Down option from the Drop Down List so that it is selected.

After this, press Enter from the keyboard and your Computer Shut Down will be done.

FAQ the computer has to turn off the direct switch off 

Why computer should not shut down direct

If you shut down your computer, then your data may be lost. Your file may be corrupted.

How to shutdown your computer immediately

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