Best Fast Ways to Shut Down Computer PC Laptop with short cut key

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Best Fast Ways to Shut Down Computer PC Laptop with short cut key

While working on the computer, suddenly you have to do something else, then if you have to go somewhere, then you will turn off your computer direct switch off, like as your manager gave you another work. Then you quickly shut down your computer, PC directly, but do you know how harmful it can be to your computer.

If you are a new computer laptop user and know only 1 or 2 ways to shutdown the computer, then this post is for you because in this post I am telling you ways to shut down the computer and laptop

Switching off the computer PC to the direct shutdown switch may cause the programs running in it to not shut down properly, which may cause problems in running that experiment again. Today we will tell you about a way that you can quickly shutdown your computer without any damage.

1. To shutdown the computer, first of all, go to the bar below and open the task manager by right-clicking. Or the best way is you can also use CTRL + ALT + DEL shortcut to open Direct Task Manager.

2. After the Task Manager is open, the application option is to be choosen by closing all the programs running in it ie the option of ind task


3. Then open the shutdown icon by pressing ALT + U key.

4. Then press the CTRL key and select the option of shutdown or turn off

5. Your computer will shut down as soon as the option chooses.

Most users use the shutdown option given in the start menu to shut down their computer laptop, but there are some more shortcut keywords to shut down the computer so that you can easily shut down your computer laptop if you think about them. 


How to shutdown your computer immediately shutdown shortcut windows 10

FAQ shutdown your computer PC immediately 

how to shutdown computer with keyboard windows 10

Best way Switch between open apps: Windows logo key press + D. Shutdown options: Windows logo key + X.

how to shutdown computer with keypad

Shut down or restart Windows using “Alt + F4”

how to power off computer with keyboard

Sometimes your computer has stopped running suddenly, after which you are very tense that now you have to call the mechanic, due to which your work will also stop, but have you ever tried to find the reason behind it? If not, then know now because after knowing the reason, maybe you can run it properly again, then let s know what is the reason for the shutdown of the computer. Shut down or restart Windows using “Alt + F4”

how to shutdown desktop with keyboard

Press Alt + f4 key simultaneously.

On pressing, shut down windows box will come, click on Ok button in the box.



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