Try These 8 Natural Home Remedies Tips For Damaged Dry Rough Hair

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Try These 8 Natural Home Remedies Tips For Damaged Dry Rough Hair

Home Remedies tips for Dry Hair Try these 8 natural products to bring new life to your damaged and rough hair home remedies for dry and lifeless hair care Due to dry, lifeless and tangled hair How to cure dry, lifeless and tangled hair

Long, thick and shiny hair is synonymous with our beauty. Thousands of poets have written so many shayari and poems on the beauty of hair. But when our hair becomes dry and lifeless due to any reason, our concern is bound to increase. In such a situation, we start looking for support from the parlor to the doctor s treatment.

The reason for hair being lifeless and dry

Changing weather: As soon as the rain comes from the summer and after the winter comes the effect of the weather on our health and hair. Changing weather is the biggest reason for making hair dry and lifeless.

Hypothyroidism Symptoms of the disease - Hypothyroidism Sickness of the disease In thyroid disease, thyroid glandia stops producing thyroid hormone, the first symptom of this disease is on hairy and dry hair. If your hair is dry and lifeless too, then get this disease tested and start treatment with the best Dr.

Anorexia nervosa - This is a problem that is related to our food and drink, in which the person reduces his food intake due to fear of getting fat and does not eat even when he is hungry. Due to the lack of essential nutrients in the body of the person and the lack of protein and vitamins in the body, this deficiency first affects the hair of the person and his hair becomes dry and lifeless and starts to break or fall.

Medications- Due to the use of many medicines, hair also becomes dry and thin. These include anti-depressants, antibiotics, Dato medicines, hair coloring medicines, acne medicines, antifungals, chemotherapy drugs, high BP medicines, weight loss medicines, arthritis and many other medicines. Do not stop or change any medicine without having your body checked by a doctor. But talk to your doctor about the symptoms and illness of your body problem.

Using Styling Tools - Using Hair Dryer Tools, Curlers and Straighteneres Tools Too Much Hair on Hair is also a major cause of hair breakage, rough and lifeless.

Measures to avoid dryness, dryness, roughness of hair

Do not let your hair become dirty - according to dermatologists it is necessary to wash them as soon as the hair starts looking oily. Keeping the scalp clean does not cause dandruff and hair also grows. Hair should be washed twice a week with clean and mild shampoo. There are ways to avoid dry, rough roughness of hair.

Keep in mind while applying oil- oiling in hair is very important to nourish them, but applying more oil stops the pores of the scalp, because oil also comes out from the skin of the scalp, so applying oil on the head skin It is more important to apply more oil on the hair instead.

Avoid using chemical products- Sprays and other chemicals used for hair styling spoil the hair, making the roots of the hair weak, causing problems like hair breakage, home to make hairstyles Make a pack or mask on your own.

Too much coloring - Avoid coloring and bleaching the hair, using them regularly makes the hair dry and weak, which causes the hair to become thinner. Use a natural henna to color the hair.

Soy Protein Shake - Protein shake especially in which soy protein is very harmful for hair because hex (petroleum solvent) in soy which causes hair loss.

Colesterol-rich diet- Eating a diet that contains cholesterol and saturated fat increases the level of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which destroys hair fossils.

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