What has changed in the life of a human being with the arrival of 5G Technology beneficial and disadvantage

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What has changed in the life of a human being with the arrival of 5G Technology beneficial and disadvantage

5G is being talked about for the last 2 years and now it has started being used in countries like China, America, Japan and even South Korea. As soon as 5G is discussed, we start talking about things like automated vehicles, augmented reality and Internet of things.

According to an estimate by the global telecommunications industry body Global Communications for Mobile Communications (GSMA), the number of mobile subscribers in India is expected to be around 920 million by the year 2025, with around 88 million subscribers having 5G connections. Can occur.

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of the mobile network. Think of 5G in such a way that 100 times the speed of 4G network. Like 4G, 5G is based on the same mobile networking principal.

The fifth generation wireless technology is capable of delivering ultra low latency (signal speed between your phone and tower) and multi-Gbps data speed.

It is a software-based network, which has been developed to increase the speed and functionality of wireless networks. This technique also increases data quantity, which can be transmitted to wireless networks.

Technology used: To operate a large number of devices simultaneously, many of which require longer battery life, the 5G network will create an LTE Advanced Pro platform (LTE Advanced Pro platform).

5G technology forms the basis of five technologies

1. millimeter wave

2. Small Sales

3. Maximum MIMO

4. Beamforming

5. Full duplex

5G Technology use

key points for 5G technology

It is worth mentioning that if this prediction proves to be correct, then India will also leave China behind in terms of 5G connection.

The term 5G is used to describe the next generation of Long-Term Evolution- LTE.

Applications of 5G technology: It is a mixture of telecom / telecom technology, which uses very little energy as well as generates very little radiation and provides very high data speeds / speeds through extensive connectivity.

Benefits of 5G Technology

Just think that you have downloaded a full HD movie within 3 seconds. 5G network is going to be so fast. According to Qualcomm, 5G is capable of delivering 20 GB per second speed in traffic capacity and network efficiency.

This technology is going to be the basis for virtual reality, automatic driving and the Internet of Things. This is not only going to improve your smartphone usage experience, but will also help in the development of medical, infrastructure and even manufacturing.

In addition, the millimeter-wave is more effective in short distances and may not work in obstructions. It can also be observed by trees and during rain, which means that to implement 5G in a concrete way you will need to install a lot of hardware.

Bandwidth to be increased:

For those who do not know, tell them that bandwidth is the space or space provided for users to use data, download files, view pages on the Internet and watch videos. The lower the bandwidth, the slower the device will work. A major advantage of 5G technology is that it will provide more bandwidth.

5G Challenges

Bringing 5G technology is going to be very expensive. Network operators will have to remove the existing system as it requires a frequency greater than 3.5Ghz which is larger bandwidth than that used in 3G or 4G.

The bandwidth of the sub-6 Ghz spectrum is also limited, so its speed can be lower than the millimeter-wave.

Now let s talk about its disadvantages:

More bandwidth means less coverage

The biggest advantage of 3G is that its cell towers are capable of covering a large area even with low sales. This is because 3G networks do not require much bandwidth. After this, when 4G technology stepped in, its cells produced more bandwidth due to which the radius of coverage of each cell was reduced. This led to the experience of users experiencing more coverage on 4G networks than on 3G networks.



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