Biography And History Of McDonald Company 24 Interesting Facts About McDonald

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Biography And History Of McDonald Company 24 Interesting Facts About McDonald

McDonald s is the world s largest fast-food restaurant franchise model company. McDonald started in 1937 by Patrick McDonald with a drive-in restro named The Airdome. The specialty of this was that the test of food here was like that and it took less time to cook S. Jay s restaurant was on Route 66 of Monrovia. It is known for its interesting fast-food with its interesting LOGO.

In the 1940s, 2 brothers, Rick and Mac Macdonald, started a restaurant in California.

On 15 April 1955, Ray Cross man opened MacDonald s first branch. After that, McDonald s and Branch opens Gaye and you know today the company has more than 36 thousand franchisees in more than 100 countries of McDonald s. Everyday people order fast food from here. Mcdonald earns more than 5 billion rupees from an N franchise franchise restaurant. The company s revenue in 2020 was $ 19.21 billion, which is about 144 thousand crores in Indian rupees.

Interesting Fact About McDonald s McDonald s and how to start mcdonald business type franchise model ppt

1. Bill Gates has the McDonald Company s Gold Card, he can eat as much fast food as he wants for free.

2. McDonald s Owner s Name: McDonald was founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice in California, selling it to a man named Kroc in 1961 for $ 27 lac.

3. McDonald is on all continents except Antarctica, today it is spread over 119 countries and employs over 3,75,000 people.

4. There are currently 36,899 McDonald’s restaurent in the world, a new McDonald’s is being opened every 4 hours.

5. You can never go more than 185km away from McDonald s while living in the US.

6. If you talk about the whole world, at McDonald s every day 7 crore people eat food, that means, 1 out of every 100 people on earth has eaten at McDonald s today.

7. More than 100 McDonald s burgers have been sold since inception.

The coke taste found at McDonald s Restaurants is one of the best in the world.

The 10 busiest McDonald s restaurants in the world are in Hong Kong, where it is also booked for a wedding party.

The world s smallest McDonald s Kamani restaurant branch is in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, and the largest in Beijing, the capital of China, which is spread over 0.636 acres.


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