How to get print out from mobile Android phone iPhone table Smartphone

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How to get print out from mobile Android phone iPhone table Smartphone

Smart phone is rapidly overtaking Computer. This is due to the update feature of Smart Mobile. You can do all the things that are done by PC using a smart phone. You can easily run the internet using Android phone iphone or table, you can download the app from which you can remove the solution of your problem. Connecting to social media can be written like Facebook, Whatsapp. You can do almost all the work from mobile which you do from PC. Today we are going to tell you about a feature of the phone that you can use to take a printout through your phone. You can download your WhatsApp documents and take print out.

How to print out documents from phone

Your Android phone or iPhone needs to be attached to the printer and if your printer is wireless, you can easily remove the printout from the Android phone or iPhone. But even if your printer is not wireless, you can use Google Cloud Print Service to take a printout from phone, but your printer must be connected to the computer and the computer must be connected to the internet.

How to print out from iphone or Android phone

Using Google Cloud Print is very simple. In this, your chrome browser account is added to your printer. When you are connected to both phone and Computer (Crome Browser) with the same account, then it becomes possible to give the command through cloud between them. And you can easily take a printout.

how to print out something from your phone

First Step: - Connect the printer to Crome Browser.

Open Google Crome on Computer.

Login to Google Crome Account.

After login, click on the Menu button.

After clicking on the ü Menu Button, click on Setting.

A new page will open in Browser as soon as you click on Setting.

Click on Show advance setting.

Now scroll down a bit and go to the google cloud print option.

First manage and then click on printers.

Now the list of attach printer from your computer will be show. Select the printer of your choice and click on the Add prints button.

2nd step how to print out from iphone

Almost all phone already has Google Cloud Print Service. But if you do not have this service in your SmartFone, then you go to PlayStore and download and install Google Cloud Print.

step 3rd: how to print out something from your phone

After installing Google Cloud Print you can easily take printout. To take a printout from Smartfone, follow these steps:

 First check whether the printer is properly connected to the computer. If not, first connect the printer to the computer.

step 4: how to get print out from mobile

Now login to google crome browser in computer. You login to the id on which smartfone is connected.

Now open any picture, PDF file etc. you want to take out in SmartFone.

Now click on the menu with right side 3 dot above.

Now the below printout option will be show on which you have to click.

After clicking, you will show an arrow (this arrow is near the save and pdf option). Click on it.

After clicking on it, you will show the name of the printer.

Tap on the printer from which you want to take a printout.

Now tap on Last Print Button.

Printout will be removed from the printer as soon as you tap on the Print Button.


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