Start A Traditional Food Recipe Business Pickle Achaar Chutney Earning 5 Lakh Rs Month Startup Idea

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Start A Traditional Food Recipe Business Pickle Achaar Chutney Earning 5 Lakh Rs Month Startup Idea

 Pickle is a food item that is used in every household. In the Pickle Family, every member gets a test from the old age to the young person. Pickle demand is very much in weddings, parties. Pickle, along with food, makes food even more tasty.

Apart from mango, there are many types of pickles, which are in great demand in the market, such as amla pickles, pickles of some types of vegetables. It depends on you which type of pickle business you start. This is a type of small scale industry that you can start from your home as well.

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Pickle types | successful smal business idea at home Like pickles, spice powder and chutney

There are many types of pickles, but most people only know how to make mango and lemon pickle. Some types of pickles are as follows: Amla Pickle, Mixed Pickle, Carrot Pickle, Coconut Pickle, Garlic Pickle, Green Chili Pickle, Jackfruit Pickle, Raw Mango Pickle, Sour Sweet Lemon Pickle, Tamarind Pickle etc.

Renu, 32, says that I prepared three types of chutney. First I fed it to my family. He liked this chutney. Then I thought why not try this test for my relatives as well. After that we packed in a container and sent the chutney to some relatives. But when relatives praised our chutney and demanded it again, then we started this business at commercial level

How to market a traditional foods recipe business

We started working on its marketing. Put stalls in place for marketing, took help of social media, Facebook, online marketing Instagram. In the beginning, we had to face a lot of difficulty in making a place in the market. Many people used to demand commissions for marketing and to keep the product at their shop, but as time passed, our work progressed.

On different occasions, he also marketed his product by setting up stalls at various places in the city. This helped to identify our product among the people and people came to know us.

Along with this, we got our products placed in many big stores in Chennai. In this way, our scope grew. Right now our products are present on many big online platforms including Amazon, Flipkart.

The startup started with three types of chutney, but as people started demanding different varieties, we also increased the product. Right now we are preparing about two dozen variety products. It has more than 20 varieties of pickles, spice powder and chutney.

License for Pickle Business and food recipe packaging business start in home

Pickle Business requires a license by FASSI. FASSI licenses you after examining your product. One can apply for its license online. The process of making this license takes about two months.

How much is the profit?

At a cost of 40 to 50 thousand rupees this pickle business can benefit up to 40% or even more. This can mean a profit of around 15 to 20 thousand. It depends on your marketing.

How much does a pickle business cost? 

It will cost at least 40 to 50 rupees to start the pickle making business in home. In which fruits and vegetables, oil, spices, some big utensils, and some machines have to be purchased. Along with this, daily servants have to pay wages.


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