Various tools of Internet Providers and Parental Control Programs for PC

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Various tools of Internet Providers and Parental Control Programs for PC

Most Internet service providers i.e. ISPs offer many free parental control programs. Usually they can be configured for different user profiles. The most common of these are as follows:

Children below 10 years: This profile allows children to surf the web in a limited environment. This is called whitelist. In this, children can only access a particular website within the scope of interest already mentioned.
Teenagers above the age of 11 years: If parents choose a teenager profile, then these teens can see any website other than some offensive (racism, drugs etc.) and inappropriate content (pornography, violence etc.). All these websites will be filtered and blacklisted.
Adult: Full access to all websites.

Parental Control Programs for PC

Magic Desktop 9.1

Recognized as "Windows for children", this Magic Desktop can be installed on the PC with the help of a few clicks. It creates a kids-friendly atmosphere where only children can play. In this, games and education related things are included so that children s creativity and knowledge can be promoted. A browser for children has been included in this.

McAfee Safe Family

McAfee Safe Family is a paid parental control tool. Its free trial version is also available. This version works on both Mac and Windows operating systems. With this, you can filter the Internet according to your needs. For example, it can filter content by category and block access to objectionable websites. With the help of this app, if you want, you can stop some online videos, views and also limit the use of social networks.

Norton Family Premiere

Norton Family Premier is a very special parental control software. Subscription is required to use it. It is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android operating systems. With the help of this tool, you can know their online activity for the safety of children and control the time they spend on the Internet. Apart from this, you can locate the child through notifications with the help of their mobile device.


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