How to merge twitter account and How to recover a suspended twitter account

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How to merge twitter account and How to recover a suspended twitter account

 It is not possible to merge two Twitter accounts. However, like Instagram, from the profile bio you want to close, you can add visibility to the account you want to keep. Also, you change the username and avoid any new subscription, then go to Protect my Tweets. Finally, contact the new account directly to the subscribers who are most effective.

How to handle more than one Twitter account

It is possible to manage more than one Twitter account on Android, iOS app, this web page from your computer, Twitter Lite or, Twitter app for Windows. All you have to do is tap the Twitter icon> Go to Create a new account / Add an existing account.

How to recover a suspended twitter account

If you use fake account information, post spam, enforce other accounts, or engage in abusive behavior, Twitter may suspend your account. If you have been hacked or compromised in any way, your account may be suspended. The way to recover your account depends on the reason for suspending your account

Login to Twitter. You can log in to Twitter using, or using the mobile app.

Click or tap start. If it is suspected that your account may be compromised, you will see a message informing you that your account has been closed. You must confirm your phone number, email address or other personal information. Click Start to begin.

Click or tap Verify. You must provide personal information to verify your account. Follow the instructions and answer any questions about your account.

Enter your phone number or email address. Enter the phone number or email address associated with your account. You will receive a confirmation code or instructions through your email.

Check your text message or email. After entering the phone number or email related to your account, check your text messages or emails and check a new message from Twitter. The message should contain a verification code that you can use to unlock your account.

If you are unable to find the email, you may need to check your junk, spam, promotion, or social email folders.

Enter the verification code. After receiving the verification code from your text message or email, enter the verification code in the Twitter app or website.

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