How to merge Instagram accounts How to manage multiple Instagram accounts

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How to merge Instagram accounts How to manage multiple Instagram accounts

The photo and video sharing app Instagram is making rapid inroads among social media users. This Facebook-owned app came in 2010. If you also use it and want to run two accounts simultaneously from the same app, then today your problem will be solved.

At the moment it is not possible to merge Instagram accounts. However, you can add both visibility and transition to a new account from the account you want to close, something like this:

Leave the link in the new account in the Biography website section (Edit profile> Website).

Change your username and post a picture to draw followers attention to the changed account.

Contact followers, via private message or public comment, and complete the process.

Before deleting an account, save the photos from your Instagram on your PC!

How to manage multiple Instagram accounts

From February 2016, on Instagram you can manage more than one account (maximum 5 accounts per user) in iOS and Android apps. To add an account, go to the three-line menu> Settings> Add account.

Click. Then each one can be accessed from the main interface. The application does not make any difference between the Creator and the Administrator. Access will be allowed as long as the user uses the correct password. If the administrator wants to cancel someone else s access, they have to change the password of the account

How to create another account

First go to your profile and click on the icon on the right side there.

At the bottom there, you will see written settings, click on it

Scroll to the bottom. There you will see the option of ad account. Click on it.

On clicking there, you will be asked for an ID and password on the open screen. Save them and login.

How to switch Instagram account 

Come to your profile and click where your name is written at the top. At the same time, you will see the option to go to another profile. This can be well understood in the photo.


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