How to manage more than one account or Facebook page

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How to manage more than one account or Facebook page

On Facebook, you can manage up to 25 pages or advertising accounts on Facebook gives you the possibility to. Yes, there is a condition that they are all "related" to the user s profile. Although you will need a personal account to create the page, they will be independent. As an administrator, you can assign an administrator (up to 25 users), editor, moderator, advertiser and analyst.

If you want, you can also enable or disable account notifications and enable or disable comments as "user" or "page". To switch from one account to another, click the menu in the top right corner of the home page and select the page you want.

Managing Facebook Page:

There are many ways to manage a Facebook page, but the tips below will help you get started.

Share responsibly: Like your personal Facebook account, you should consider before sharing. A Facebook page is a public face for your organization, so do not share anything that may be considered abusive

Engage Your Audience: Many people create pages as a way to promote their businesses and post ads on Facebook. There is nothing wrong with using a Facebook page in this way, but it is important to make sure that the things you share are relevant to the people who have liked your page. Posting ads continuously can be annoying for followers, who can get fed up and unfollow your page.

Experiment: There is no formula to create a successful Facebook page, so you should try different things to find out what is best for you and your audience. You should spend some time reviewing more popular Facebook pages. Pay attention to the types of posts they share and see how they connect with their followers.

Using Facebook Page:

After creating a Facebook page, only you can edit the information of the page and update the post on the timeline of the page. However, if you want to allow other people to do these things, you can add them as page administrators. To add a page administrator, click Settings at the top-right, then select "Page Roles".

Customize Facebook Page:

There are many ways to customize Facebook page. Here are some basic methods that will help make your page more polished and professional

Use large, high quality photos for your profile photo and cover photo.

Choose a shorter name for the page as it will also be the page URL. For example, the URL is -

If you want people to be able to write a review on your page, you need to include your organization s current address.

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