How to Merger two Duplicate Pages on Facebook with Facebook page like merged

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How to Merger two Duplicate Pages on Facebook with Facebook page like merged

All the Facebook page likes on both pages will be merged, meaning there are 3 thousand likes on the first page and 5 thousand on the second. How to merge 2 Facebook pages How to Merger two Duplicate Pages on Facebook.

As the administrator of the pages to be merged, you can make a recommendation by visiting this link. This will be applicable as long as the names of all the pages are the same, they represent the same business and if it is a physical institution, then their address should be one.

You keep the page with the most followers, you will also get the followers of the page to be deleted. If there is an institute or campus, then the number of visitors who come there is also added to the page. However, all the contents of the deleted page (posts, photos, comments, usernames) disappear. You can keep a content history if you want. For this, you have to download the content by going to Settings> General> Download page.

What is Facebook Page Merge?

If you have two pages of Facebook which you want to convert to one, that means you want to keep the likes of both pages in one page, for example any number of likes on both pages will be merged means 3 thousand on the first page. It is like and after merging another 5 thousand, you will have only one page on which there will be 7 thousand likes..
With this you will not need to manage two separate pages and instead of two pages you get one page, the advantage is that not only will the likes on your page increase, Reach and User Eggengement will also increase, the Facebook page There are many benefits of merging and it also has some rules and conditions about which you will read further.

Benefits of merging two Duplicate Pages on Facebook?

All the likes on both pages will be merged, meaning on the first page there are 3 thousand likes and on the second 5 thousand, after merging you will have only one page on which there will be 8 thousand likes.
This will make your brand page bigger because whatever is like on both pages, which gets combined so that you get a big page instead of two small pages.
Managing two pages and checking the daily stats and posting on it would be quite smiling? But with this you have to manage not one but two pages.

What is required to Facebook Page Merge?

For two pages that you want to convert into a page, it is important that you are an administrator on both pages, then you get access to the Facebook page merge.
Both pages get the same name from each other, it is not necessary that both pages have the same name, meaning one page name is Sahu4You.Com and the other one is easy to merge.
Both pages should have the same category, in which the more matches the details have, the more Chances are for your Facebook Page Merge.
Once you start the process of doing Facebook page, then it cannot be stopped and it will be merged.
If you are afraid of getting the page data deleted from Facebook Page Merge, then download the page data first.
Note: Facebook does not allow the merging of personal profiles, as it is against the community rules of the platform to have more than one personal account. You close the account that you are not going to use after assigning your page. Yes, download all your content before that, because everything will be deleted


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