Surprised to know how many days women can live without love

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Surprised to know how many days women can live without love

Men and women have hormones called testosterone. This hormone is responsible for making love. Testosterone in men is 20 percent higher than in women. This is why men have more desire to love than women. Men are upset thinking that whenever they talk about love, women sometimes get headaches and sometimes fatigue. The women are troubled by the fact that men love love all the time.

According to a research, men can live for 20 days without love, but after more than 20 days, they feel restless. But when it comes to women, they have more ability to control themselves than men, women can live for a year without love.

Many men experience love after sex. So it often happens that men try to get closer to different women. The woman feels that men only want sex, but the truth is that men seek true love on the pretext of sex. Now though we men do not have the wrong feeling but it is misunderstood. For women, where sex comes after love, for men, the depth of love after sex comes to know.

Contrary to popular belief, women also desire sex just like men. They may have physical and mental problems if they do not complete sexual intercourse. They desire sex with care and touch. The center of sex is in the brain. When the sensation is felt by touch or touch, the blood flow throughout the body increases.

Even if they are prepared at the behest of the partner, they will not be active at all. Just assuming their duty, they handle work. This problem is more common after having children.

The partner must first understand what the fellow woman likes and dislikes. Should proceed accordingly. You should spend more time in foreplay. This makes the woman well prepared mentally and physically. When the excitement is high, then only one should move forward. If there is a problem due to depression, then get it treated first. Libido will be awakened only after getting free from depression

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