How can check Is your call being recorded and tracked These are the ways to find out

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How can check Is your call being recorded and tracked These are the ways to find out

Voice calls recording is easy on Android smartphones. In many smartphones, inbuilt call record feature is provided. Android smartphones that do not have this feature are downloadable from the Play Store.

There are many apps online that allow voice call recording. Here we are telling you how to identify that your call is being recorded.

Recording a call The easiest way to record a voice call by placing it on the speaker

The way to identify whether a call is being recorded or not

Recording someone s call without permission is like stealing somewhere. If you are talking to someone personally and someone is recording your call then it can become a serious problem for you. So while calling, you should take care of some things so that it can be detected that something is wrong. 

How can check Is your call being recorded

During the calling, if you hear the sound of a beep for a few seconds or minutes, then become alert. Because this is the most simple and easy way to learn about call recording. At the beginning of the call, if you get a beep in the middle or in the middle, then it is possible that the person in front is recording your talk. Now let s talk about another way

The easiest way is to identify whether the call is being recorded or not. There is always a possibility of call recording at the beginning of a voice call or when the beep sounds intermittently.

If you have called someone and the next person has put it on the speaker. In this case also you need to be alert, because it is easiest to record the call by placing it on the speaker. For this, you can be recorded easily by keeping another phone or recorder nearby. Therefore, the person who does not trust and is talking to you on the speaker, then be alert.

The third option you have is that if there is a different noise during the calling then you can also be alert in this situation. Many times you will get to hear the noise in between, this time also the call recording can be guessed. It is important that you consider small things during the calling.

Last thing many apps record calls without beep sound. Therefore, you may not have the option to understand that someone is recording a call. Since there is no concrete law in India, so that such recording apps can be banned.

If you feel that you are running out of data quickly and you are not using, then be careful. Sometimes keep checking your data usage as well. This shows where your data ended up. Sometimes data recording software consumes more data because the recording file is sent to a remote server.

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