How to record WhatsApp call trick and tips on Android and iPhone 5 step by step guide

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How to record WhatsApp call trick and tips on Android and iPhone 5 step by step guide

WhatsApp is not only used for messaging, but now it is also used more for calling. Sometimes it also happens that you want to record WhatsApp calls but you are not able to do it. Normal phone calls can be recorded easily. For this, inbuilt call recorder app is already present in many phones.

At the same time, calls can be recorded with the help of third party app in many phones. There are also some ways to record WhatsApp calls, with the help of which you can record it. Both Android and iPhone have different methods for recording WhatsApp calls.

Record WhatsApp calls on iPhone

Recording WhatsApp calls on iPhone is a little tricky, but possible. You will be able to easily recharge video calls from the inbuilt screen recorder, but you will have to adopt this method to record audio calls.

To record WhatsApp calls in iPhone, you will need a Mac and an extra phone (with WhatsApp). Connect your iPhone to Mac with a Lightning cable. If you are connecting both devices for the first time, then you have to click on Trust this computer . Open QuickTime on your Mac. Go to File and click on New Audio Recording.

In QuickTime, an arrow will appear in front of the record button pointing downward. Choose the iPhone there. Hit the record button in QuickTime. Make WhatsApp calls from your iPhone to your Extra phone.

Once the call is connected, click on the add user s icon. Select the person whose conversation you want to record here. After the talk is over, disconnect the call. Stop the recording of QuickTime. Save the file on Mac. Here the front caller will know. There is another caller present with him. You cannot record the call without information.

WhatsApp call  record on Android phones

To record calls on Android phones you will need a third party software. Which you can download from play store. The name of this software is Cube Call Recorder. Through this VoIP call can be recorded. It does not work on all devices. By downloading it, you can try whether it works on your device or not.

Open the Cube Call Recorder app after installing it. After this, open WhatsApp. Call the person whose conversation you want to record. If the Cube Call widget is showing and lighting during conversation, then it is working.

If it is giving an error message, then go to the settings of Cube Call Recorder and choose the Force VoIP call as voice call. If during this time the Cube Call widget is showing and lighting then it is working. If the error is coming again, it will not work in your phone.

To record a WhatsApp call, you can take help from another phone. Put WhatsApp call on the speaker in it. Turn on the voice recording of another phone. There should be a lot of peace around you for this. Otherwise the phone will record the surrounding voice and the sound of your WhatsApp call will not be heard.



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