You can find Android smartphone lock and delete data by following these steps

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You can find Android smartphone lock and delete data by following these steps

There are many instances when sometimes we forget to keep our phone in the house and we do not remember where we have kept it. So sometimes when we are out of the house the phone is stolen or lost. In the first situation, we can easily find our Android phone using the Find My Phone feature on the paired smartwatch, for this we have to ask someone to call it. But if the phone is stolen somewhere outside the house, then we will need a little more help.

Use of Find My Phone feature will be used

The good thing is that Google provides an easy way to the user, so that they can find the lost Android phone, lock it or erase its data. For this, the Find My Device feature has to be used, which allows users to remotely set PINs, passwords, or patterns to protect them from unknown people.

In addition, the user can also show a message on the lost screen of the lost phone that they can also ask the finder to call. This feature also allows the deletion of data from Android phones so that the searcher cannot access it and this can also trigger the security of the device so that the phone is of no use to others.

Find such android smartphone and delete data

If you want to find your phone, then it is necessary for the phone to be turned on, signed in to a Google account, connected to mobile data or network, location and Find My Device are also on. If you have already done all this on your smartphone and then lose your phone, then you can follow these steps First you have to click on this link and sign in to your Google account. Once signed in, you will see that your phone will be visible on the top left corner. After this, you have to choose the phone. This will give you information about the battery of the phone and the last time online.

After this, Google will show you the location where your phone is. If you do not get the phone, it will show you the last location.

If you recognize the location of the phone, then you can go there and ring your phone. It will continue to ring non stop for 5 minutes so that you will hear the sound even if you have kept the phone silent.

If the location of the phone is visible in an unknown place, do not try to find the phone alone. Seek the help of the police. For this, you have to tell the serial number and IMEI number of the phone. By clicking this link, you can find the serial number of your phone.

If you want to lock the phone, select Secure Device Option . This will lock your phone and will also sign-out Google account. With the help of this, you can leave your phone number or any message on the lock screen of the lost phone, so that if someone finds it, they can contact you. If you have not locked the phone, the phone can also be locked with the help of this feature.

You can also use a third party and erase devices. With this, all the data of the phone will be deleted forever and no one will be able to play with your phone and data. If your phone is offline, then you will be able to delete the data only when someone comes online by turning on your phone.


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